Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Review of An O'Brien Family Christmas by Sherryl Woods

An O’Brien Family Christmas
Sherryl Woods
ISBN 13- 978077808312703
288 pages

Matriarch Nell O’Brien wants to spend Christmas in her beloved Dublin, she hasn’t been since she was a girl and her entire family want to make sure it happens, she also wants to put her matchmaking to work for her grandson Matthew and Laila Riley.
Laila Riley gave up her dream job of working in her father’s bank after the explosion that was her announcement of being involved with Matthew O’Brien, her father was not happy not just because he’s younger but because he’s a known rake and rascal and decided Laila’s judgment is flawed because of her choice. So what’s a girl to do other than storm out, quit her job and as a direct result break it off with the man who if truth be told takes her far out of her comfort zone. She’s been invited to Ireland for the O’Brien family celebration, but how can she go knowing that Matthew will be under foot the whole trip and she’s not sure she has the willpower to resist him.
Matthew O’Brien never wanted to break up with Laila, he loved her and still does and wants nothing more than to convince her that he is her one and only and in spite of the interference of his family he’s bound and determined to make this happen, but first he needs to get her to Ireland.
Let the games begin is a perfect description of this mêlée called a family holiday with many different personalities and opinions it makes one wonder if Dublin is big enough for all of them.

Ms. Woods does herself proud with this classic tale of Christmas love, what little girl doesn’t dream of her prince charming and what big girl hasn’t dreamt at least once of being a Christmas bride or at least finding a certain bling under the tree. The characters are all old friends from her previous catastrophic O’Brien family sagas with a few new ones to shake up the plot. The love story is also classic, two people who are reunited and will bring a tear to any romance lover’s eye. Ms. Woods also brings us the sights, sounds and smells of an Irish Christmas scene and I swear I could smell the evergreen and see the lights blinking in the windows, she also gives us an easy to follow and fast paced dialogue. The love scene is pretty smokin, but in a very veiled and indistinct way and will not offend any reader. All in all it’s the perfect start to the most written about holiday. Will they ride off into the Irish sunset, oh me dearies for that you’ll have to read the book.

Thank You Ms. Woods for an enjoyable read, a memorable romance and a breathtaking journey to the Emerald Isle.

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