Friday, November 11, 2011

Review of To Santa With Love by Janet Dailey

To Santa With Love
Janet Dailey
Zebra Books
352 pages

Sheltered semi spoiled 21 year old Jaquie Grey decides college isn’t for her and against her parents wishes is going to LA to find a job and grow up, however, little Tombstone Arizona got in her way and so did rancher Choya Barnett, literally as she runs her car into his jeep. Now she finds herself with a lost wallet and no way to pay for repairs.
Choya Barnett has no room in his life for a spoiled girl from Dallas especially when she’s captured his small son’s heart and will no doubt break it into millions of pieces. But he’s caught between a rock and a cactus and has to help her when she’s without money and her wallets gone missing. He gives her a job as his housekeeper and just hopes that he’ll get away with his heat intact too.
These two very different people find themselves wanting the same things in life, but are they the right people for each other.

This novel was originally published in 1977 under the name of The Master Fiddler and has been expanded and updated. This talented author has given us many years of great stories and wonderful characters. The story line here is of souls reaching out to each other from different directions and finding each other despite that. The dialogue is as easy going as the lifestyle in this small Arizona town. The characters I expected better of from Ms. Dailey, it might be that the tale doesn’t update well I’m not really sure and although I learned to like these two it took a great deal of the book to do it. And even though I did come to care for Choya and Jaquie is was Choya’s son Robbie and his dad Sam who were the stars in this read. They stole the show with their shining personalities. Although I enjoyed this romance the more I read it I truly expected more from Ms. Dailey especially being acquainted with her work.

The main thing to remember is that you will like the story the Christmas background and the characters, you’ll love the scenery and the vastness of the Arizona desert and you’ll get to go back to the very start of Ms. Dailey’s career and see where she came from. It’s a journey worth taking and I’m glad I did.

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