Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Review of Copper Beach by jayne Ann Krentz

Copper Beach
Jayne Ann Krentz
Penguin Group
ISBN 13:978039915875 – Release Date 1-10-2012
352 pages

Abby Radwell antiquarian and para psi book finder is in over her head when it becomes obvious that someone wants her to find a certain para coded lab book missing for forty years and they won’t stop at anything to get what they want. Abby also knows what it means to be a loner so when Sam Coppersmith in all his testosterone filled glory comes to the rescue Abby doesn’t know how to handle him or the fever she seems to have when Sam is around.
Sam Coppersmith is on the trail of a lab notebook that disappeared forty years ago when the mine his father and partners were working in exploded, it was always assumed that all the notes were lost with the partner who didn’t survive the blast. Now there are sure signs that the notebook is out there and he’s determined to get it to stop it from falling into the wrong hands but he needs help from one very talented psi book de-coder. When they meet there is more heat in the room than he can ever remember feeling and he knows right from the start that she’s going to be trouble and she’s going to be permanent, now he just has to convince her. Together Sam and Abby search for the lost book with murder and mayhem all around them and some unlikely help along the way. Will they survive to see where this attraction leads or will they be psi-murdered like others before them.

What I expect from Ms. Krentz is a marvelous contemporary tale with great suspense, hot romance and maybe a touch of woo-woo, what I didn’t expect was for her alter ego Jayne Castle to show up, but that’s exactly what happened when Castle meets Krentz in this one of a kind story. We get the contemporary of Krentz mixed with the over abundance of paranormal we’d expect from Castle only in a contemporary setting instead of sometime in the distant future and on a distant planet. With characters all across the realm from super good to super bad and a little dog to boot instead of a dust bunny. Her hero and heroine are very enigmatic and will pull readers in right from the start with the independence of Abby and the protectiveness of Sam Ms. Krentz as usual puts all the good traits into her special couple but doesn’t stop there as her other characters are all important to the tale. The romance is great and the conclusion is obvious to everyone but Abby right from the start. The love scenes will psi-sizzle right off the page.

If you’re looking for something to warm up the coldest days of the year, start with a sure thing because if you’re a fan you’ll know you can’t go wrong with this amazing author in all her incantations, Jayne Ann Krentz, Jayne Castle and Amanda Quick.
Need something to get over the after holiday blues, this will start you right up, want the first must read of the new year, it’s between these pages.
Thank you Ms. Krentz for another incredible journey through your incredibly imaginative world.

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