Monday, December 5, 2011

Review of A Christmas Wish by Joseph Pittman

A Christmas Wish- A Linden Corners Novel

Joseph Pittman


ISBN13: 9780758266712

256 pages

Brian Duncan is an accidental resident of the small quaint village in upstate New York of Linden Corners, none the less this is where his dreams came true and were taken away as well when the woman he loved was lost in a tragic and devastating way. Now Brian finds himself the soul guardian of one lost little girl, a little girl that’s experienced more sorrow in her short life than many of us have to suffer through our entire lives, the little girl of the woman he’s lost. He’s determined to show her the best Christmas possible and make sure at the same time to let her know that they are a family if not by blood then by love and by remembering the mother she lost and showing her his history as well. But he’s at a crossroads with Janey, one he’s not sure he can live up to and even with the faith and community of Linden Corners behind him he’s not sure he can find the strength to survive let alone thrive but for Janey’s sake and his unconditional love for her he has to try.
Janey Sullivan knows loss and tragedy she also knows love. The love that she had and still has for her mother and the sometimes impossible to believe love she has for Brian Duncan, but she also has doubts and she’s not sure where to go for answers.
Join this unconventional family through their first, worst and best Christmas together, feel the love of community and the love between this unconventional pair, as we are silent guests to “ A Christmas Wish”.

Joseph Pittman brings us a touching sequel to his novel Tilting at Windmills where he furthers his story of Brian and Janey and their search for answers and their quest for family while we spend their first Christmas with them. He will keep readers turning pages with his heartwarming and at times heartbreaking story, his quaint narrative that gives readers a feel from the past and his descriptive dialogue that will make his scenes come alive for his audience. He brings us characters that are charming, quirky and ornery and he’ll make us fall in love not only with Linden Corners, its residents but Brian and Janey as well.
If this is your first visit to Linden Corners be sure to read Tilting at Windmills and see the story that started it all.

Thank you Mr. Pittman for the most enjoyable, inspiring and heartwarming Christmas tale.

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  1. Thanks for the great review, Debbie. I have shared on Facebook and tweeted on Twitter. A happy holiday to you.

  2. You're welcome Joseph, I only speak the truth, Happy holidays to you too.