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**GIVEAWAY** plus Interview with multi-award winning author Lorie O'Clare––"I’m blessed to lead the life I live. I write all day and live in the worlds I create. I couldn’t ask for it to be any better."

Hot Pursuit

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Lorie is the recipient of an EPPIE and Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award winner.
Here’s praise for her previous work;
“Action-packed thriller...never slows down.”—Genre Go Round Reviews on Run Wild
“A spellbinding story. Excitement and intrigue fill the pages.”— (4 Stars) on Run Wild
“A sizzling fun read. It will keep the reader engaged with its saucy romance and mysterious plot.”—Joyfully Reviewed on Run Wild

“Another exciting, fast-paced and very hot read from Lorie O’Clare.”—Sensual Reads (4 stars) on Stay Hungry

Lorie, welcome to my blog.
Hi Debby, thanks for having me. I love how you post facts about this day in history. Those are so fun to read.

Tell us about your latest novel Hot Pursuit.
            HOT PURSUIT is my latest bounty hunter book. There are four main characters. Ben Mercy works for KFA (King’s Fugitive Apprehension). We met the other bounty hunters who work for KFA in previous books. Ben takes his Harley to northern California in search of an assassin who is on America’s Most Wanted list. This assassin also happens to be a good friend of Ben’s.
            Now Ben wouldn’t have decided to hunt down the assassin. He knew his friend was in hiding and probably would never be found. But a problem arises. Wolf Marley, a bounty hunter not associated with KFA, arrives and is willing to go to any extreme to retrieve the million dollar bounty on the assassin’s head. Ben is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure Wolf doesn’t find the assassin.
            We end up with two bounty hunters traveling to a small fishing community in northern California, a town called Zounds, because all clues indicate this is where our assassin is hiding. Ben and Wolf search everywhere for the assassin. Neither one of them expect to find women they fall in love with.
            Quite often, with romance, we find our soul mates when we aren’t looking. That is what happens with Ben and with Wolf. Of course our assassin (by the way, his story is SLOW HEAT, which released last November) only makes an appearance when his friend, Ben Mercy, needs him the most.
            HOT PURSUIT is full of steamy sex, is very action packed, suspenseful, and was so fun to write! You can read the first chapter of HOT PURSUIT, and the first chapters of the other bounty hunter books, at my website –

This is a novel in your Bounty Hunter series.
Are there a planned number of novels in this series?
There are six bounty hunter books. PLAY DIRTY, GET LUCKY, STAY HUNGRY, RUN WILD, SLOW HEAT and HOT PURSUIT. I won’t ever say there won’t be other bounty hunter books, but for now, this is the series.
If you read these books in order, you see the world they are set in develop. This isn’t the type of series where you need facts from previous books to fully understand the next book. Each bounty hunter story is about one of the people employed at KFA. They each have their own adventure. As each book begins, we learn about our hero, or heroine, and enter their life just as they are about to fall in love. Of course, with a bounty hunters line of work, danger wraps around their soul mate, making for quite a story.

You have over 60 novels published.
Can you tell us how your life as an author began?
            I think I was about six. :) I have spiral notebooks written in block print and in pencil of stories I wrote as a young girl. They will never see the light of day. LOL. I put Jane Austen to shame. There are sentences that are one page long. No plot. No dialogue. But I had to write, so I did.
            Hopefully, you’ll see how my skills have developed since then. I’ve been writing all my life and hope to continue until I die.
            As far as when did my life as a published author began, it was in 2003. I had submitted manuscripts, I think, to every publisher I could find—and had enough rejection letters to fill several three ring binders. Back then, submissions were done by printing the manuscript and mailing them to the publisher. There was usually a six month wait for a response, and not every editor bothered responding.
            I had just learned how to use my first home PC and had discovered an on line world of writers, aspiring writers (that was me at that time) and those who wanted to be cover artists, publishers, as well as all aspects of the business. I made friends, shared success stories as well as failures, and slowly learned the business.
            In October of 2003 my first book, PACK LAW, the first lunewulf book was released by Ellora’s Cave. Over the next five years I put out almost a book a month with Ellora’s Cave until I contracted my first book with St. Martins.
            I’m blessed to lead the life I live. I write all day and live in the worlds I create. I couldn’t ask for it to be any better.

When you sit down to write do you follow certain customs, have a set time or place to write?
            I always think the answer to this question is no. I don’t acknowledge a set time, or place when I write. But then I sat here and thought about it for a moment. My laptop is on my desk in my bedroom. My bedroom is set up so that it’s very airy, especially with Spring settling in. My surroundings have to be “in order” as my mind’s eye sees it so that I’m not distracted when I write. It dawned on me that I have made my bedroom into my perfect muse sanctuary. So I guess, yes, I do have a certain place where I write.
            Then I thought about a specific time when I write. Again, I’m inclined to say no. I write when I know what to write. I can’t just sit down and force words out of me. (Wish I could.) But once again I sat here and thought about it. Once I start writing, I get really grouchy if the story is flowing out of me and I’m interrupted. I’ve always been this way. Being a single mom who raised three boys, interruption becomes a way of life. When they were younger I wrote while they were in school. Now, I’m up at five AM every day of the week and usually write until noon. My boys are out of school but not quite out of the house. They work nights, stay up late, and sleep all morning. I’ve adjusted my writing time over the years to write when it’s quiet and I won’t be interrupted.
            Now as for the certain customs, I can’t think of any. I guess the only one might be, I write when it’s time. What I mean by that is, once the story is formed, when the characters are ready, I sit and type out their story.

In addition to genre romance you also write erotic romance for Ellora’s Cave.
Erotic romance has really “come of age” and out of the brown paper bag if you will.
What do you most attribute this to?
            When I only wrote for Ellora’s Cave I might have said it was the ease in which an e-book could be purchased and read. With e-readers growing in popularity (my phone came with a Nook application. I read books off my phone.) and being so affordable, so many more readers are reading without paper. However, once I started writing for St. Martins, I can no longer say that is true.
            First I must clarify something. The books I write for St Martin’s are as sexual as the books I write for Ellora’s Cave. With that said, I sell more paperbacks at St. Martin’s than I do e-books. My e-book sales there are growing but paperback/hardback still are higher in sales.
            I think erotic romance is “coming of age” because our society is more accepting when it comes to reading sex, violence, and anything of a graphic nature. We want everything more extreme. And so that is what we get.
            Now with all that said, I don’t read erotic romance. I just write it. :)

Lorie, thank you so much for connecting with us today and good luck with your new novel and all your future ones too.

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  1. Great interview and I giggled when you said you don't read it you write it. I never would have guessed this but a lot of authors do not read the genre they write in. Thanks for sharing the Bounty Hunter series with us.

    1. Kim, I chuckled when I read her response to that question too.
      but it's a valid question don't you agree. E-rom has really come out of the dark ages so to speak. It would be a great blog post in and by itself.

  2. The blurb sounds interesting