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Jude Morgan chats about his newest release A Little Folly––"It’s a novel very much in the Jane Austen tradition, which I adore. Uniquely this is a story that had its origin in a dream "

A Little Folly

Here’s what’s being said about A Little Folly
"Complex characters, clever repartee and the manners, morals and address of the time...A captivating, traditional Regency romp." —Romantic Times (4 1/2 stars)
"A Little Folly manages to emulate the sharp observation and wit of Austen, with all the dash and romance of Heyer [and] a plot to rival both those Greats. . . . Effortlessly entertaining, [with] greater depth and soul than a Regency romance might reasonably be expected to have." —Historical Novel Society
Brew a cup of hot tea and settle in for a classic comedy of manners novel that Jane Austen might enjoy. The strong connections between multiple pairs of caring siblings, influenced by proper and slightly questionable personages alike, bring lively spirit to a story focused on the protagonists' internal growth and development. Details describing proper Regency era comportment and society add elegant touches to a touching book in which family, love, and kindness can win the day. A great suggestion for readers of all ages who relish the classics and character-driven books and for fans of Morgan's other historicals –Library Journal

Mr. Morgan welcome to my blog and thank you for answering a few questions.

Tell us a little about your latest novel A Little Folly
It’s a novel very much in the Jane Austen tradition, which I adore. Uniquely this is a story that had its origin in a dream – just a fragment picturing a brother and sister suddenly facing a new life. It stayed in the back of my mind for years and then formed the basis of A Little Folly, in which Louisa and Valentine Carnell create a new life for themselves after the death of their tyrannical father – a life of temptations as well as excitements.

All your novels have been historical fiction some based on real historical events some just very accurate historical genre fiction.
What is it about historical fiction that most interests you?
I’m fascinated by the way people lived in the past, and the interaction between the circumstances of the time – often very different from our own – and the universal human emotions: love, fear, pride and so on.

Do you think all your novels will be based in the past?
I enjoy the challenges and rewards of writing about the past – but never say never!

What was it like and how did it come to pass that you studied with greats, Malcolm Bradbury (The History Man) and Angela Carter (Nights At The Circus)?
I studied with them on the Creative Writing MA (Master’s Degree) at the University of East Anglia, UK. I was very fortunate as this is the most prestigious of our courses and has produced writers like Ian McEwan and Kazuo Ishiguro. It was a great experience, with strongly contrasting approaches – Malcolm Bradbury’s a gentle coaching, Angela Carter often forthright and bracing.

In researching your novels, what was the most surprising thing you ever learned about a historical figure?
In The Taste of Sorrow (Charlotte and Emily in the US) I featured the real historical person the Rev. Carus Wilson, on whom Charlotte Bronte apparently based the awful Mr Brocklehurst in Jane Eyre. The surprise was that she went relatively easy on him! He seemed to me a monstrous figure, using his position at the school as an experiment in repression.

The Washington Post called your 2005 release, Passion, “one of the best books of 2005.”
Do you appreciate editorial reviews or reader reviews more and why?
I appreciate all reviews as long as they’re thoughtful. It’s nice when readers take the trouble to record their feelings about your book.

What’s the biggest difference between your UK and US audiences (if there is one)?
I find US readers seem to respond particularly strongly to the ‘Regency’ strand of my fiction, in which they are discriminating judges, and don’t take kindly to anachronisms!

Are you a full time novelist?
No, I also teach in adult education.

What’s your favorite pastime activity?
Being with my wife and son and doing absolutely anything.

Are you planning any trips across the pond for signing events etc…?
Not at the moment, but I’m open to invitations…

Mr. Morgan thank you so much for answering my questions.
Good luck with this release and your future endeavors as well!
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