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Interview with Amanda Quick, aka Jayne Ann Krentz- talking about her brand new release The Mystery Woman––"A secret? Okay, here’s one: I never set out to write historical romantic-suspense."

The Mystery Woman

Please welcome Jayne Ann Krentz; she has more than 35 million copies of her books in print and over 50 New York Times bestsellers under her three pen names for each of her different worlds, she’s also received numerous Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Awards and The Romantic Times Career Achievement Award. She’s also an outspoken advocate of the merits of romantic fiction. Here, here!
We’re visiting today with her nom de plume Amanda Quick under which she writes historical romances.

Amanda, welcome and thank you for being here.
Hi, Debbie.  Thanks so much for inviting me to visit with you.

Tell us about The Mystery Woman, I love the cover by the way.
ANSWER:  So glad you like the cover.  I love it, too.  It captured the spirit of the book – Victorian romantic-suspense  featuring  a psychic lady detective with a secret past and a mysterious former spy who carries an ebony-and-steel cane. There’s a mad scientist, an ancient Egyptian artifact and a very bad guy who calls himself  The Bone Man.

This is the second in your A Ladies of Lantern Street Novels, the first being Crystal Gardens.  Are there a definite number of novels in the series?
ANSWER:  There is no set number of books in the Ladies of Lantern Street series but    I started off with three of the lady detectives who are all friends.  I am working through their stories.  The heroine of The Mystery Woman is Miss Beatrice Lockwood. She goes undercover into exclusive households as a paid companion.  No one ever looks twice at a paid companion, you see.   Really, it is the perfect disguise for an investigator.  And who does she meet in the course of her latest assignment?  Joshua Gage – the one man in London who knows her true identity.  Things get complicated fast because Joshua is looking for a blackmailer and a killer – and Beatrice is his primary suspect.

Is this series all set in the past?
ANSWER:  The Ladies of Lantern Street novels are all set in Victorian London. It’s the perfect fictional landscape for a novel of psychic romantic-suspense because during that time people took the psychic thing very, very seriously.

What is the hardest part of having three writing identities?
ANSWER:  Reminding people who enjoy reading me under one name that I have two other names! 

Do you have a set time to write each day?
Do you have a set place to write?
ANSWER:  I am definitely a morning person so I’m at the computer early – usually by 7:00 am.  I can write anywhere but I prefer to be in my office if possible.

Are there fans that don’t realize you use three aliases?
ANSWER:  Lots of them!  Well, actually, it’s not usually the case that they don’t know that I write under three different names – more often than not they simply prefer certain fictional landscapes.  A lot of my JAK readers, for instance, don’t read historical romantic-suspense and vice-versa.  And then there are all those AQ and JAK readers who don’t read my Harmony novels which I write as Jayne Castle because they don’t want a futuristic setting.  Believe me, I really treasure those adventurous readers who follow me into all three of my world.

Many prolific authors are re-releasing their previously out of print novels in e-version.  Are you?  Where can fans find your digital releases?
ANSWER:  I’ve got a full list of my digital releases at my website.  Just go to www.jayneannkrentz.com and click on the “ebooks” tab at the top of the home page.

Now tell us a secret about you, we promise we won’t tell anyone.
ANSWER:  A secret?  Okay, here’s one:  I never set out to write historical romantic-suspense.  I wanted to write futuristic romantic-suspense, instead.  It was only after I had done three books with a futuristic theme that I realized I was really writing historicals.  What was my big clue?  That’s easy – all three of those early books featured a hero and heroine caught up in some version of a marriage-of-convenience.  I finally recognized that as a classic plot element in the historical romance genre.  That was when I realized I could write historicals, after all.

Will there be any signing events for the release of The Mystery Woman?
ANSWER:  I’ll be signing The Mystery Woman at Seattle Mystery Bookshop at noon on April 23rd.  Anyone who would like a personally inscribed copy is welcome to contact the shop at www.seattlemystery.com .  I will sign the books at the event and the friendly staff will mail the signed books to those who ordered them.   I will also be sure to leave a few signed copies behind for people who see this blog too late to get their orders in.

Amanda, thank you for answering these few questions and good luck with the new novel.
ANSWER:  My pleasure and thanks.  I have always felt that if people enjoy my books it is most likely because we have a lot in common when it comes to core values.  Qualities like honor, courage, determination and a belief in the healing power of love matter to us.   I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy spring. 

Get to know her even better by visiting her website:  www.jayneannkrentz.com

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