Wednesday, September 11, 2013



Never Forget

September 11th 2001 will be a date that anyone old enough to understand will never forget the moment they realized what was happening. We’ll always remember the minute we realized it wasn’t some elaborate hoax being performed for TV ratings. 

In a way it was our nation’s wake up call that our shores were not the safe haven we’ve all thought for so long. In another it was a sad realization of just another day in the life of our planet. What the terrorists planned however didn’t happen; it didn’t separate us as a nation and a people. It brought us closer; it solidified us as not Democrats or Republicans but as Americans.


Now on the 12th anniversary of the day that will live in infamy in so many of our lives, hearts and souls I think it’s time to remember that again, who we are at the core is a nation who believes in the freedom of her people, who celebrates our differences, who revels in our sameness.

We also have to remember the survivors of that day, the first responders, and the ordinary citizen who stopped in horror but went that extra step to help save a live or simply hold a hand. Those who received those fateful phone calls and emails from their loved ones not knowing if they’d ever see them again and in most cases of those haunting messages it was the last one.

The world still spins and life goes on but we are forever changed by that day, some of our innocence was lost that day, some of the shine left the exterior of our souls. But we’re still here, we’re still fighting the good fight and we must never stop. Some today question us being the global moral police, but how can we stand by when Zealots and Tyrants and Monsters posing as Presidents, Dictators or Leaders perpetrate atrocities to innocent victims men, women and children.


Let’s also remember the soldiers, first responders and all who continue the fight today on our shores, in deserts, on the seas and in the skies. For if we need proof that real heroes exist we only need look to them.

Never Forget