Monday, September 16, 2013

Week two discussion of The Flight of Gemma Hardy- Part Three

The Flight of Gemma Hardy
Week Two
Part Three

Wow a lot has changed for Gemma in this section of the novel as she continues her journey from child to young woman from single to engaged and not just to anyone but to a very important man in her community and her boss to boot.

So let’s talk about Part three

First have you changed your mind about your first thoughts?

Tell us about Gemma’s teaching method with Nell.
Why do you think it worked?

Characters in part three; who are stand outs to you and why?

Your first thoughts about Mr. Sinclair?

Did you see where Gemma and Hugh’s relationship was going?

I’ll come back later in the week for more topics.
And as always discuss what ever you want to, don’t limit yourself to my paltry questions.