Monday, September 23, 2013

Week Three Discussion of The Flight of Gemma Hardy Parts Four and Five

I can't believe the read is over. So let's talk about it.

Week Three
Parts Four and Five

Wow this week’s parts were almost like a whole other novel. We learn more about Gemma and she learns more about Gemma too. Not only who she is but where she came from.
So let’s get started

Why do you think Gemma ran away?

Who are the character stand outs in this part?

In a response from Margot in week two’s post she tells us about her class discussion of Gemma and the difference between childhood perceptions of right and wrong vs the adult perception. I think this part of the novel really demonstrates that difference and Margot did a splendid job of illustrating that.
What action(s) of Gemma most validated this to you as a reader.

Final thoughts

Now let’s do one of my most favorite things; advance the story five years.
What’s happening with Gemma, Hugh, Nell and the rest.