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**GIVEAWAY** Reel Stuff- Author Interview Don Bruns

Help me welcome Don Bruns who is celebrating the 7th novel release in his "Stuff" series. Then after enjoying our interview enter the contest for an author signed copy of Reel Stuff.

  • ISBN-13: 9781608090969
  • Publisher: Oceanview Publishing
  • Publication date: 12/3/2013
  • Series: The Stuff Series , #7
  • Pages: 295


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Is it suicide or murder when Academy Award winning actor Jason Londell leaps to his death during the filming of a TV show in Miami? Londell's actress girlfriend hires private investigators James Lessor and Skip Moore to investigate. They uncover a plot loaded with twists and fueled by money and greed. The case sends James, Skip, and Skip's girlfriend Emily to Los Angeles where the blonde beauty goes undercover in Hollywood and is "discovered" by a talent agent.

Don, Hi Welcome to The Reading Frenzy
Tell us a little about Reel Stuff
The idea behind Reel Stuff came about when I was in Miami and saw Charlie's Angels being filmed in a city park. Security guys were keeping people out of the park, and it looked like the kind of work Skip and James, my two young detectives, would get. A couple bucks for a couple days work. Then I wondered what would happen if someone were to die on that set under mysterious circumstances.

This is your 7th in the “Stuff” series
Is there an end number
Skip Lessor and James Moore are young and have a lot of life left in them. If they don't get killed! 

How are the novels connected? 
There's a very strong friendship between Skip, James and Skip's girlfriend Emily. The reviews and the readers are always commenting on how close the three are, even though there are always surface tensions. Anyone who reads this series is going to immediately identify these relationships. We've all had friendships that are strong, and we've all had some rough patches with those friends. 

Don on your website you mention that Sue Grafton mentored you when you were a fledgling writer.
Do you still keep in touch with her?
Does she still read your manuscripts?
Yes and no. I see her from time to time and we catch up. Her career seems to be somewhat stronger than mine. 

Don you describe yourself as a “road weary musician”.
Is the road where you pick up your novel ideas?
I traveled with a friend from college, doing music and standup comedy back in the seventies. In many ways we were Skip and James. We always had each other's back. We worked Playboy Clubs, Vegas, Holiday Inns, and warmed up acts like Ray Charles, The Four Seasons, Ricky Nelson and others.

Don, which is more difficult to write a song or to write a novel? 
A song doesn't take as much time. But often times there's almost as much thought given to a good story song. You have to compress so much into such a short space. Harry Chapin's Cat's In The Cradle takes a life from birth to adulthood in under five minutes and describes characters, weaves a story and develops a pretty good plot.

Your website also tell that you and three friends opened a used bookstore.
Tell fans here about it.
We had the store for about six years, in a 1905 grocery store. We were victims of the ebook craze. We had a lot of mystery writers stop in for signings, but after six years it was time to close it down. Also, in my small hometown in Ohio, no one reads!

Don, thanks so much for answering a few questions.
Will there be a physical tour with this book?There will be a tour. We start in New Orleans in December and all dates are on my website at 
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