Monday, December 16, 2013

The Winter Witch Week Two Discussion

It's time for Week Two discussion of our December read
I hope you're still enjoying it as much as I am.

Things are changing, the mysteries are slowly coming into focus and our heroine is trying desperately to fit into her new life with a very dangerous adversary.

The Winter Witch
Week Two

Let's spend some time taking about the villains, tell us your feelings on Isolda and the Reverend
Did you know from the start that she was the true villain?
Do you believe she is?

Talk about Mrs. Jones-Your feelings in general, in particular

Have you spent time consulting a dictionary during this read like I have?
what are the words you looked up?
I looked up Cariad and merched and toili

And of course please feel free to bring up anything you'd like to discuss


  1. Hi Deb. Just caught up this morning on the bus! (Sorry, I'm trying to knit some fingerless mittens for my mother in law, and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to make the deadline. Plus it's been interfering with my reading time.. ;-) ) Anyway, of course I have some comments!

    The villain - I knew, from Morgana's reaction to her from the start, that Isolda was not good, but I wasn't so sure that she was the lead no-gooder. I thought that honor belonged to the Reverend. But when I got to the scene with the Reverend at Isolda's dinner, it all fell into place. And makes perfect sense. Not excusing, nor forgiving the Reverend - I'm still sad for the loss of Meg.

    I wasn't sure what to think of Mrs. Jones at the beginning of the book. I actually had some suspicions that she was a bad witch, so I'm very glad to see her on Morgana's side. And it's clear that she warms to Morgana and is hopeful that Morgana's powers are equal to the task. I think she sees something bigger, more powerful in her than in herself, and wants to keep the well and the grimoire out of the hands of evil.

    I didn't bother to look up most of the Welsh words - tempting, but I kind of figured out their meaning from the context. I think I did check on toili - just wanted to be sure I got that one right. The other word I looked up was 'grimoire'. Very central to the theme of the book and not a word I use every day. My daughters may argue the point, but I don't think I'm a witch.....usually.....

  2. Elaine, Hi. You're so multi-talented knitting and all. Here's hoping you get it done in time for gift giving.
    Thanks for your comments
    My daughter knows I'm a witch, she used to be amazed at what I knew. Little did she know it was all in her eyes :)

  3. I have finally caught up and I hope it's not too late to comment on Week Two.

    I sensed that Isolda was evil soon after she was introduced. The friction between her and Morgana was apparent from the beginning, but I didn't coin her as the ultimate evil being until her encounter with the Reverend. It is hard for me to have pity towards the Reverend, because I disliked him from the start. And his wife is just awful! She is so hateful, but she adds just just the right amount of nastiness to the story. I guess she's one of those characters that I love to hate! Maybe if the Reverend breaks free from Isolda and truly seeks Morgana's forgiveness, I'll consider forgiving him as well!

    I really like Mrs. Jones. To me, her character serves in part as the comic relief. She always knows just what to say and I am so glad her friendship with Morgana has proven to be genuine.

    I have looked up a few words, sometimes just to see if I have figured out the meaning correctly on my own. One is particular I looked up was "Duw."

    I especially like the expressions the author uses. For example, earlier in the book she used the phrase, "she gives not a tinker's cuss what anyone thinks of her." Also, "it would be obvious to a bat in a sack that she adores him." Another one that caught my attention was "Mrs. Cadwaladr and her daughters are besporting more ribbons than a Maypole."

    I look forward to continuing this wonderful book and finding out what is going to happen!


    1. TarHeelGirl, you're so right about Mrs. Jones being sort of a comic relief I would have never put that label on her without your comment.
      Thanks for your thoughts and comments and I look forward to your continued responses
      Since tomorrow is Christmas Eve I've decided to wait until Thursday to post week three's questions.