Friday, December 27, 2013

The Winter Witch Week Three-Finale

I thought I'd give everyone a bit of a break during Christmas week. I hope if you celebrated Christmas you had a fabulous one.
I can't believe we're saying goodbye to Morgana and Cai and all the other good, bad and in-between characters. It's been quite an adventure. So let's get talking

The Winter Witch Week Three

Final Thoughts

What were your feelings for Morgana and Cai by the end of the novel?

What was the most memorable scene in the novel?

Okay now it's time for my favorite question; Let's fast forward five years. Tell me what's going on in the lives of the characters.

Don't forget that Paula has a new novel coming out in March-The Midnight Witch



  1. I hope you all enjoyed this, it is on my list. Now all I need is more time!!!

    1. Yeah Kim, if you find more time tell me where to look LOL:)

  2. Your questions really set me thinking, Debbie. I wonder if the scene that was most memorable to write would be the one that was most memorable to read also? Naturally anything involving the animals tested me. And scenes of danger or angst do take it out of a writer. I usually need extra tea and shortbread after those!

    As for moving forward five years.. my goodness! I like to think Cai and Morgana live a happy life together. I would definitely see them having children, and of course Morgana would want to pass on her skills and knowledge to the next generation.

    I've really enjoyed revisiting the story. I hope everyone else was whisked away to ninteenth century Wales and found the experience rewarding and moving.

    The Midnight Witch next - all the glamour and sophistication of aristoratic London 1913, and, of course, lots of witches!
    All best wishes to everyone for 2014,

    1. Paula, thanks for your comments I do think that the scenes that were your favorite to write have that special aura that gets to the readers too.
      Happy New Year tor you too and I can't wait to read The Midnight Witch :)
      I know that Cai and Morgana will have a happy life together with much love and lots of little witchlets too :)

    2. I think two of the scenes that stand out in my mind also involve the animals. When the cattle plunged to their deaths over the side of the mountain, it really stirred my emotions. It was both unexpected and shocking, but so realistic. The scene where Dai was a victim of the stampede had a similar effect on me.

      I see Morgana and Cai sharing more time together and then eventually having children after she has perfected her gift. A little Morgana would make the family complete! Paula, could there possibly be a continuation of the story in the future?


    3. Hi TarHeelGirl, I love how you think about our couple in the future. I'm all over that too!
      Thanks for the comment and for your participation !!!

  3. Hi Deb, Paula,
    Sorry, was at my mother-in-law's this weekend and the internet service out there in the country is slow at best. Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and that 2014 brings much health and happiness!

    I absolutely loved this book, and I am hopeful that in 5 years they have a bundle of little ones. And a new corgi companion for Bracken. I am a softie when it comes to animals, as mentioned by others, so that while there were a lot of scenes that stand out for me, the death of Meg is a poignant and difficult one, and one that I remember sharply. But I hate that the memorable scenes might all be the negative ones, so I will add that the ending, with Cai and Morgana on the hilltop, was also a touching scene. I tend to breath a sigh of relief when a book has a happy resolution, so I'm glad to report that I am feeling quite relieved now!

    Thank you again, Paula, for your book and your participation. I'll be looking for your next one!

    1. Elaine I hope you had a great time at mom-in-laws.

      I loved this book too and can't wait to get my hands on The Midnight Witch which I will start in the next day or two.
      I want them to get a new pup too Elaine.

  4. And now my turn for answering my questions.

    the most poignant scene for me was when the Reverend killed the dog, it was my first glance at the malevolence against Morgana and it was before we really knew the why

    the most fun scene for me was when Morgana put the china back to rights after the owl debacle.

    My feelings for Mogana and Cai I loved them, loved that they were able to communicate with each other with out words, loved that he "got" her like the gift of the whistle, loved that she was willing to give him a chance. And of course loved at the end that their love flowered and grew.

    I hope in five years they have a couple of mini me's :) a growing herd of both cattle and horses and a love that will always pass the test of time.

  5. Paula,
    I have a couple of questions for you, before you leave us. I tried to really pay attention, but did I miss where we found out why Morgana can't/won't speak? I know, or I think I know, that it's tied in with her father's disappearance, but that's all I can gather. My other question has to do with Isolda - if she was witch-walking at the end, could Cai see her? Or did he just sense her presence? Or is he a little bit of a witch himself?? ;-)

    Thank you again, and happy new year to you and your family!

    1. Hi Elaine,
      Fair questions. Morgana's muteness was a reaction to her father's leaving. She is what is now called an elective or selective mute, where a person, usually a child, chooses not to speak. The condition can continue for years, but often resolves itself in adulthood. In the present day psychologists and speech therapists would help. In Morgana's day the condition was not well understood. Sufferers often regained the ability/will to speak when their lives became more stable, or the initial trauma more distant.

      As to Cai being able to see Isolda. She was a powerful witch, and would have been able to manifest an appearance as it suited her whether witchwalking or not.

      Hope that helps. Thanks for your participation.
      And a very happy and magical 2014 to you all.