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**JINGLE BELL GIVEAWAY** Author Interview-Christine Rimmer- Holiday Royale

To continue my celebration of the holidays I'm so pleased to welcome an author who I love, a personal favorite who writes for Harlequin Special Edition, Christine Rimmer. Her Holiday romance Holiday Royale stars a royal and his soon to be Princess.
Enjoy the interview and some holiday cheer then Christine has graciously offered a signed copy of The Rancher's Christmas Princess which was last year's holiday Bravo Royale Story.
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Christine has graciously offered
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A playboy prince is roped into giving love lessons to a young, innocent woman—only to find himself falling for his eager pupil, in USA TODAY bestselling author Christine Rimmer's newest addition to her Bravo Royales miniseries

 MY Review courtesy RT:
In this pseudo-Cinderella story, the nemesis of the adventurous heroine is illness, not wicked stepsisters; and her Prince Charming is the perfect royal playboy with the heart of gold.  Rimmer’s formal dialogue fits the characters and regal backdrop like a glass slipper.  And the love scenes ignite.” 4 ½ stars, TOP PICK! Debbie Haupt, RT BookReviews

Christine Welcome back to The Reading Frenzy – Happy Holidays!!
Thanks so much. I’m very happy to be back.

Tell us about your latest Special Edition release Holiday Royale.

Holiday Royale is book 6 in my Bravo Royales miniseries for Harlequin Special Edition. This one is Damien’s story. He’s the player of the family. In fact, they call him the Player Prince. I love Dami. He’s actually a very fine, loving, generous soul. But he doesn’t give himself enough credit.

Enter Lucy Cordell, who’s been ill for most of her life, but has finally had the surgery that allows her to get out and try her wings. Dami is Lucy’s friend and he can refuse her nothing. And Lucy has a very special favor to ask of him…

Actually, I think of Holiday Royale as my “Very Special Favor” story. I’ve always wanted to write such a story, since way back when I read a Silhouette Intimate Moments by Kristin James (aka Candace Camp) called…
You guessed it. A Very Special Favor!

I loved that book! I still own my original copy. The heroine’s a virgin who’s secretly in love with her hot lawyer boss and he catches her crying at her desk on her 30th birthday and makes her confess that life has passed her by and she’s a virgin and she’s thinking of going out and just picking up some stranger and getting it over with. Well, of course hot but tender-hearted boss can’t have his sweet, virgin secretary defiled by some guy in a bar. So he volunteers to do the job. Oh, just…yum!

In Holiday Royale, Dami is hesitant to do what Lucy asks of him. He just doesn’t think of her that way, doesn’t want to seduce an innocent. At least not at the beginning…

In this book, I had a lot of fun exploring the holiday traditions of my glamorous imaginary principality, Montedoro, on the Cote d’Azur. The first half of the book takes place there. And the second half? Manhattan! Nothing like New York City at Christmastime.

I Love the cover.  Tell us about where it was taken.
It’s on the Bow Bridge in Central Park.  Some say it’s one of the most romantic bridges in the world.  I so agree.  Especially dusted with winter snow.

What’s you favorite part of Dami and Lucy’s story?
I had a ball writing the opening, where she comes to him to ask her special favor.  And the scenes at the Prince’s Thanksgiving Bazaar in Montedoro were great fun.  And I did love the scene when she finally admits what she really feels for him.  It’s as much of a surprise to her as to him.

Do you have special holiday traditions?
I love decorating the tree, making and eating my mom’s special fudge—and the music. I love Christmas music.  I buy a new Christmas CD just about every year—yes we still have CDs at our house. ;)  I have about 25 Christmas CDs now—everything from jazz to pop to heavy metal to new age and classical and country.  I love ‘em all.

Do you look forward to the holiday season ending or does it depress you?
When I was younger, I remember feeling let down at the end of the holidays.  Nowadays, not so much.  I love the many joys of the season, but then I like going back to real life, you might say.  And of course experience tells me that the season will come around again as bright and full of love and joy as ever.

Christine what are you working on now?
Now I’m writing a Montana Mavericks story for Special Edition.  It will be out in July 2014, part of Montana Mavericks’ 20-year celebration.  That’s right.  The first Montana Maverick hit the stands in 1994! 

What’s your favorite quiet time activity this time of the year?
Curling up with a good book—with Christmas music playing.  :)

Thanks Christine, I hope you and your family have a wonderful season and that Santa brings you your heart’s desire.
Thanks so much, Deb.  And to you and yours, as well.   Everyone, have a beautiful and blessed holiday season.  XOXO!

This is Christine's Favorite Tyke enjoying the Tree

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  1. Happy Holidays, everyone! Thanks, Deb, for inviting me. XOXO!

    1. Hi Christine, It was a blast to interview you.
      Happy Holidays to you
      Thank You!!!

  2. An Author I have grown to love over the years as I've won and reviewed her books. She cares about her readers. She is a prayer partner of mine. God Bless. Loved the book.

    1. Hi and thanks so much for the comment. She sure does care about readers.
      I loved the book too!

  3. Jane, a thousand blessings on you, too, my dear friend. Thank you! XOXO!

  4. This sounds wonderful, and we still have cds at our house. My favorite holiday movie, A Christmas Carol

    1. Kimbacaffeinate, yes! I love A Christmas Carol, too! :D I love the book, as well. I used to read it to my little sister every Christmas when we were growing up. Happy Holidays!

    2. Hi Kim, mine's One Magical Christmas a Disney movie from the 80s
      thanks for commenting
      Happy Holidays!!

  5. My favorite movie/mini-series is Jayne Eyre; favorite Christmas movie is White Christmas. Is there going to be a Bravo movie soon? ;-)

    1. Hi C-Jay wow a Bravo Christmas movie would be fabulous right?
      Good luck and thanks for visiting!!

  6. OOo sounds fun! Love when the heroine or hero has gone through something a little unique and different to set them apart from the crowd of heroines/heroes we meet. Definitely adding it to the list. And what a pretty tree!