Monday, December 9, 2013

The Winter Witch week one discussion

The Winter Witch
Week One
I hope you’re all enjoying The Winter Witch as much as I’m re-enjoying it.
So let’s get chatting about it.

First thoughts about the novel in general.



Chat about Paula’s writing style

I’ll be back mid-week with a question or two more

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  1. Hi Deb. I certainly am enjoying this book, you've picked another one I would probably have overlooked. It took great restraint to stop after Chapter 6, I must confess.

    My first thoughts about Morgana and Cai? I liked Morgana from the start; I tend to go for people who are more introspective, and she clearly is. I feel like she could talk, and of course I'm curious about why she can't or won't. But I think her lack of speech makes her much more acutely aware of the people and things around her; some of that is due to her gift or special abilities, but I think some of it is also because she isn't distracted by speech.

    I wasn't so sure about Cai, he could have turned out to be quite ugly to her. But he is a gentleman, and patient with Morgana, so I approve of him ;-) I feel like this will all turn out well in the end, but the situation they're in at the end of the sixth chapter is difficult.

    I like the writing style, and I'm glad I read your interview. I normally don't really want to know a lot about an author before I read a book - I feel like it taints my perspective. Example - once I found out about Ayn Rand and her 30+ years younger lover who was married to someone else (as was she), I have a hard time looking at Atlas Shrugged in the same way..... But in this case, it answered my questions about the Welsh perspective, and the easy use of Gaelic. I'd love to know how those words are pronounced; I know it's generally nothing like the way it looks, and I love the sound of it, whether it's Welsh or Irish or whatever variant...


    1. Hi Elaine, Debbie, Everyone!
      I'm delighted to have The Winter Witch up here for discussion, and really looking forward to getting some feedback on my book.

      Elaine, I'm so pleased you weren't put off by knowing a bit about me - good job I edited out the scary bits! I know what you mean about an author's persona sometimes getting in the way of the story, though. Luckily you don't know what I sound like, so you won't be lumbered with my voice. Actually, Marisa Calin does a fantastic job of reading the book on audio. The Welsh accent is not an easy one, but if you want to find out how to pronounce those Welsh words, listen to Marisa (there is a free clip on my website). Welsh is a phonetic language, so it is read the way it looks, but first you have to be familiar with the Welsh alphabet, and there are some pretty unusual sounds there to grapple with. I grew up here in Wales, so I don't recall learning them.

      I hope, like you, others will take to Morgana. She can be petulant and lacks patience, but then she is young, and has a lot to overcome. I'm sure we'll come back to the question of her silence as we read on.

      This is going to be fun!


    2. Paula, thanks for the visit. I'm off right now to hear the clip.
      I LOVE this novel. :)

    3. Thank you Paula, for your response. I sincerely doubt that hearing you would detract from the story! But I am going to go listen to that clip on your website. Welsh may be read the way it looks, but I think there are a lot of sneaky things in that alphabet!

  2. Thanks Elaine, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

  3. Thoughts on Morgana:

    I found she captured my interest immediately. I was extremely curious about the cause of her silence. It occurred just after her father left their family, so I found myself wondering if her silence was by choice or did something else cause it? Morgana is extremely bright and the more I read about her, the more I like her. She's had a rough childhood and unfortunately her introduction to her neighbors in her new home hasn't been an easy one. I find her to be a strong person though and know that she will be able to withstand all the hard times.


  4. Thoughts on Cai:

    Like Elaine, I had my guard up when it came to Cai. I wasn't quite sure what his intentions with Morgana might be. I feared the worst for this young girl whose mother seemed to push her into the marriage. To my surprise and delight though, Cai has turned out to be a total gentleman. Morgana may not be the type of wife that stays indoors to cook, but I feel like Cai is learning to accept that and is starting to build a relationship with her in the things they have in common like their love of the outdoors. It has been a pleasure watching their relationship grow. We know their true feelings for one another, although they do not yet and I find myself hoping for a happy ending for them.


  5. Chat about Paula's writing style:

    I liked Paula's writing style. It was interesting the way the book switched back and forth from first person to third person. It was an element not often used but one that I found enjoyable. I loved that we were able to finally "hear" Morgana's voice. I think we were able to learn a lot more about her this way and really gain a sense of who she is.


  6. I also like Paula's writing style for this novel and in fact I just rec'd a copy of her March release The Midnight Witch and am excited to read it too and compare the two in styles.
    April I'm so glad you're enjoying the read.