Monday, May 10, 2010

Review of Dark Deceptions

Dark Deceptions
Dee Davis’
Grand Central Publishing
384 pages

When you think of operatives working covertly for the CIA and what they do when they’re not out there saving the free world did you ever in a million years see them as college professors. Well neither did I that is until I read Dee’s exciting first book in her brand new series about just that. Picture our dangerous world, getting more dangerous by the minute and you have to know that somewhere out there are men and women who fight behind the scenes, take orders that may end their lives and take on the worst of the worst kind of villains and do it knowing that they are ghosts, will never be publicly acknowledged for their brave deeds and have to be content in that fact. See it now, well then you have just glimpsed Dee Davis’s new world order with Sunderland College and more precise the Aaron Thomas Academic Center think tank created by the CIA at the forefront. Here you will find the men and women of A-Tac a black ops group of patriots who’s sole reason for being is to see the world a safer place.
Eight years ago after a successful partnership in more than one way CIA agents Nash Brennon and Annie Gallagher part ways each one thinking the other was to blame and each one thinking the other one betrayed them. But all of that has to be put aside when it becomes known that Annie is operating again in a terrorist plot against the very government she used to work for. The arrows all point this way, but there’s doubt in the one mind that used to be able to finish her sentences as well as sleep in her bed, Nash Brennon.
Dee Davis gives us a unique look at what goes on behind enemy lines even if those lines are in your backyard. Her story line/plot is a roller coaster, edge of your seat, nail biting ride that will leave your heart beating faster and your pulse racing. She gives us exciting and descriptive dialogue that fits my perception of those individuals and scenes that pop off the pages and into your mind’s eye. Her characters are so interesting, so complicated and in some instances so tragic and in others so evil, characters that she knows elementally. Her hero Nash and heroine Annie are the couple voted most likely not to succeed, but you want them to with all your heart and as you learn their personal stories you want it even more. Her supporting characters are all equally important to the tale and you find yourself looking forward to the time when their story will be told. Her villains are cruel, vicious people who will make you cringe. Her love story is one that I particularly love, that of ex-lovers reuniting and either finding love again or realizing that love never left. Her love scenes are spicy, visceral and sizzle on the page but are never tawdry or crass.
If you look for excitement in a read, you’ll find it here. If you love the reuniting of old lovers, look no farther. If you love romance on the Sizzle Burner, here it is. If you love series where you re-connect with old friends while making new ones, start at the beginning with this new one.


  1. Stopping in to read all your Reviews..Dark Deceptions caught my attention here and on BN..Thanks Deb..Tomorrow,tomorrow..Suze..