Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Review of Lover Mine

Lover Mine
JR Ward
New American Library div. of Penguin Group
512 pages

JR Ward is a genius of the genre, her novels are witty, sexy and dangerous.
When the brother Darius went into the fade his sacrifices so touched the Scribe Virgin that she gifted him with rebirth, that rebirth was John Matthew who’s life has been no bed of roses. Never knowing his parents, never fitting in, where he came from or as it turned out, what he was, John Matthew spent his youth lost in the vast system and his pre-trans years abused, scared and taken advantage of until word of a lost boy found it’s way to the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Xhex is an assassin by trade and by necessity because being a sympath is no walk in the park especially if you’re a half breed. She’s always stayed clear of relationships because they always led to heartache. But she’s found her match in John Matthew. She never gives in and he never gives up and that’s what saves her after being abducted and held captive by evil incarnate. As they fight together and love together will they find the strength to stay together and fight for forever together.
JR has created an incredible paranormal society that parallels ours and in it she’s placed creatures of the night that are the good guys, that’s right the vampire is the good guy. Then who is the bad guy you ask, that would be the lessening society run by a creature that is the description of heinous, malevolent and malicious called the Omega. So her plots/story lines are unique, fresh and captivating. Her dialogue is on the down and dirty side with a lot of Hip-Hop, Rap and Heavy Metal music and language to match, so if you’re a sensitive type, Please Step Away from The Book. If not you’re in for some of the most adventurous, exciting, and arousing page turning you’ve ever done. Her characters are all wonderfully crafted and portrayed. Her love story is fast, furious, hard core and yet there is an abundance of tenderness between the hero John Matthew and the heroine Xhex. The love scenes are just as powerful and leave little to the imagination. You will find yourself cheering them on when they rally and hurting with them when they fail.
So come back to Caldwell NY, come back to the fold, comeback to the Black Dagger Brotherhood, you’ll be glad you did. This book is part of a series and although is a wonderful read, to get the full effect should be read as such.


  1. Deb- I'm so glad you loved it as much as I did. I can't get enough of this series and John and Xhex's book is just one more step in this journey I'm really glad to be on.

  2. You bet Marisa, JR is amazing and I love the world she's created.

  3. I agree with you and Marisa - I loved the book - I think it's one of her best, but it will be interesting to see what's next. Has JR sid whose story is next? Good review Debbie, keep them up, I enjoy them all - even if I haven't read the books.


  4. Hi Anne, Oh I know isn't she great.
    I don't know who she'll feature next maybe Payne but I don't know what brother.

  5. I was thinking Tohr...What do you think?


  6. Anne and Debbie - on her message board she says that Payne's book will be next; and I for one can't wait. Payne seems like a fascinating character whose story must be told.

  7. Hi Marisa and Anne, Hey what do you know I have ESP. I just sort of assumed that since she made such a deal over Payne that maybe she would feature her next. But usually she gives us some sort of hint.
    You think Maybe Tohr Anne. I don't know. Something to think about and we have a year to do it.
    Have a great day everyone!!!