Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Review of Shoot To Thrill

Shoot To Thrill
PJ Tracy
G P Putnam Sons
308 pages

You’ll find cover to cover excitement in this the latest Monkeewrench mystery.
PJ the mother daughter creators of the Monkeewrench crew have truly outdone themselves in their latest installment of the series. We find the motley crew ensconced knee deep in a crime spree the degree of which Minneapolis has never seen and trying desperately to keep up with the villains who’ve decided that it’s a good thing not only to commit murder but film and post it on social networking sites for the world to see.
PJ reacquaints us with the Monkeewrench folks in this her 5th in the series. Her story line is something that could easily appear on every front page, every news show and every on line network known to man and unfortunately for those of us living in this e-world are ever aware of that fact. Her dialogue is so in line with what her characters portray, we have the ever present e-speak geek part, the personally tragic human part that is this rag-tag group of friends. And then we have the voices of the villains the unidentifiable faceless perpetrators of evil doings of unspeakable proportions. Her characters are so unique in the world of literature that you could not compare them to anyone, which is a very good thing because the members of Monkeewrench are each one of a kind and with each novel you learn a little more about them. The co-stars of these novels are the homicide detectives Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth and you’ll find them right where they belong solving crimes right along side of our stars in their own entertaining way. We have a new member this time in FBI agent John Smith and he will add yet another layer of intrigue to our tale as we learn about him.
This is an incredible edge of your seat thriller that you fans of PJ Tracy have come to expect. For those of you new to her this can stand on it’s own, but to get the history, all the intricacies and the tragic way they became who they are I suggest reading the series from the beginning.

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