Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Review of Line of Fire

Line of Fire
Jo Davis
290 pages
Tommy Skyler might be the youngest at Station Five but he’s far from a kid, he can take the ribbing from his teammates but it really stings coming from the woman he can’t get out of his mind. Shea Ford knows all about heartache and betrayal and she’s not about to let too handsome, too built and too young Tommy Skyler under her skin, too bad he’s already there. Now not only do they have to deal with the attraction between them but there’s something wrong going on with all the recent fires that Station Five has been sent out on, so they have to hope they live long enough to be able to deal with each other.
Jo Davis brings us another in her Station Five firefighters series with her larger than life heros the firefighters themselves. She’s always got a lot of drama going on and not just in the romance. Her plots are full of theatrics, excitement and creepy villains. Her dialogue is rough and what you’d expect spewing out of the mouths of sweaty, filthy, smoky men and women fighting fires and rescuing victims and yet respectful where it needs to be. Her characters all have dramas of their own going on whether it be good or bad and we re-visit the goings on of all the members of Station Five as we learn the fate of our star characters Tommy and Shea. And speaking of Tommy and Shea they are well balanced and great characters for a hero and heroine and as the romance develops you feel their connection as you cheer them on and hope they get through all their hurdles. The love scenes are very physical and visceral and don’t leave much to the imagination and yet there’s an innocence to them as well. It’s not e-rom but some contents could be objectionable for younger readers.
Line of Fire is the is the 4th in Jo Davis’s Firefighters of Station Five Series. It could be read as a stand-a-lone but to get all the intricacies and nuances my recommendation would be to read the series in order.


  1. Hi Debbie - Great review - I concurr (sp)!!! I have one of Jo Davis'other books on my Kindle, and hope to get to it soon.


  2. Thanks Anne. It's always a pleasure to share my joy.
    Have a great day.