Thursday, May 13, 2010

Review of Ice

Linda Howard
Random House
208 pages

Linda Howard Queen of Intrigue gives us a great big punch in a little package. Ice is one powerhouse of an action packed, exciting read. One should expect no less with Ms. Howard who is an awesome storyteller, but how many authors do you know that could give you so much in a scant 200 pages. She wows us with her characters especially our hero Gabe and our heroine Lolly who are two heavy duty, ready for what ever comes their way characters. The villains in this story are equally heavy duty, heavy duty out of their minds on meth bad guy and bad gal. Her dialogue is as always excellent and she’ll have your breath showing as her words describe the ice storm and the dangers our heros face out in the elements. Her love scenes are fiery and sizzle and put some heat back in your system. And yet the relationship that forms between our hero and heroine is sweet and touching.
So if you like a quick read that you literally can’t put down, this in for you. If you love a great romance, this is for you. If you need great characters, this is for you. If you want a great story, with nail biting excitement and edge of you seat adventure, this is for you. You can’t go wrong with Linda Howard and you can’t go wrong with ICE. A definite must read for your winter reading collection. And a definite Best Seller for Linda Howard.

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