Friday, October 15, 2010

Review of Cold Dawn by Carla Neggers

Cold Dawn

Carla Neggers


379 pages

Cold Dawn is the 3rd in Ms. Neggers Black Falls series.

Black Falls Vermont has seen more than it’s share of tragedy especially for the Cameron family. Rose Cameron lost her dad and almost lost her brother Elijah in the same week last year during which time she turned to smoke jumper and her brother Sean’s business partner Nick Martini, was it a mistake or a minute of temporary insanity like she tells herself. Nick Martini has been around the Camerons enough over the years to know when to butt in and when not to. Well there’s still someone out there even after the Lowells’ assassin ring was either rounded up or killed causing havoc in the small tourist town of Black Falls and Nick has taken it upon himself to leave his LA home and head north to see what he can find out. He tells himself it’s to help a friend and his family in need and not because he wants to see Rose Cameron again. The people of Black Falls aren’t as clueless as they seem because they all see something between Nick and Rose even if the couple are too stubborn to admit it to themselves.

Ms. Neggers the author of many best selling novels gives us a bird’s eye view of a crime spree in a picturesque New England town from the view point of one family and how it effects them and those they love. She does this with plots that could be found by the best conspiracy theorist or in any crime drama. She solves her crimes amongst the towering pines and charming setting of Vermont complete with snowy scenes and in this episode of the series Maple sapping, with a rustic lodge and remote cabins thrown in for more atmosphere. The reader will find themselves transported there by way of her detailed and expressive narrative. Her characters are well established and imperative to the tale and I like how we get to catch up on prior stars of the series to see how they’re getting along. Her romance is intense and strewn with unseen entanglements that would make the meek run, but her protagonists have more moxie than most, but she’ll keep you guessing to the very end to see if this couple get’s their Happy Ending. Her love scenes are steamy and sensual, yet descriptive without being crass.

This novel reads well as a stand a lone but to get all the preceding happenings I suggest reading them all. This novel will appeal to all lovers of romantic suspense or outdoors adventure novels. If you like Lisa Gardner or Lisa Jackson you will love Carla Neggers.


  1. I have yet to be disappointed by one of these books! It won't happen. Thank you for your review which helps me get all the more excited to bring home my copy of this book!

  2. I know what you mean Rebecca, I like what ever Carla writes. Thanks for reading and responding.