Monday, December 6, 2010

Review of Almost Heaven by Chris Fabry

Almost Heaven

Chris Fabry

Tyndale Publishing

365 pages

Billy Allman is an extraordinarily ordinary man, a man who has lived through heartbreaking crises that would test the faith of any man, but then Billy Allman is much more than any man, he’s one in a million.

Chris Fabry takes his readers through the life of his incredible protagonist Billy, a simple man with a true faith, but it’s how the author tells the story that’s the true gift. He uses his whole heart to take his readers through Billy’s trials, his triumphs and his defeats and in doing so he brings out all the emotions in his readers as well, so you’ll find yourself laughing in one instant and wiping dry your tears in the next. He uses dialogue that’s easy to understand as he takes his audience on this journey. His star character Billy is the epitome of what it means to be a decent humble human being, one who sees beyond what his eyes tell him to what his heart tells him. And then we have the other main character Malachi, Billy’s guardian angel who’s decreed by God to watch over the life of this one man, the consequences that come of that decree and the evil that seeps in when the devil finds a tear in the armor. The other characters in the novel all play their parts very well too as they lay the foundation or build the walls of the tale. There is a love story besides Billy’s love of God and it’s sweet and innocent even though it seems the couple has to go through endless pain to find it and each other.

Any human being could love this piece of literature, you don’t have to be a person of faith to read it, but be prepared to get some faith by the time it’s over. It shows the human factor and just how resilient we are in the face of obstacles, it shows that while one man is not an island, one man can change the world or at least his little part of it. I encourage you to read this book, to meet these people and make them your friends and just maybe you’ll learn a little in the process. Chris thank you for taking me on this journey. I can’t wait to read your next one.

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