Thursday, December 16, 2010

Review of Promise Canyon by Robyn Carr

Promise Canyon

Robyn Carr


342 pages

Publish date 12-28-2010

Promise Canyon is the 11th in the Virgin River series.

Clay Tahoma is looking for a new beginning and he thinks he’s found it as a veterinary assistant to his old friend Nate Jensen in Virgin River. What he doesn’t expect is to find love. Lilly Yazhi thinks she’s satisfied with her life working in her grandfather’s feed store in Virgin River, little does she know that just around the corner waits a larger than life Navajo who’s got her in his sights. Little does he know that she’s sworn off men especially men of the Navajo persuasion. Is Clay ready for another relationship and can he overcome the stigma that Lilly’s attached to him. Is Lilly ready to rethink her feelings on being with someone like Clay. They have a lot to overcome and they both know that sometimes love is not enough.

This is my first trip to Virgin River and my first read by Robin Carr and yet I feel as if I know all the characters intimately. Ms. Carr does a great job of setting the stage for this novel and introducing all of her inhabitants of Virgin River enough that it makes the reader feel comfortable with the information and yet makes us eager to want to read the series in it’s entirety. Her storyline is ageless in its simplicity and yet she draws her audience into the plot with her vivid descriptions and dialogue. Her characters are all over the map, some being quirky and some being staid but all fit very well and play their parts excellently. Her hero and heroine are both deliciously attractive in each of their Native American roles and makes a WASP like me envy their heritages. The romance is filled with emotional pitfalls but they are also very deserving of their happiness and we readers will enjoy their ride into the sunset. The love scenes are steamy and sensual and will warm any cold weathered reader as we see their love develop and cultivate.

So if this is your first journey to Virgin River like me or if you’re a fan from the very first novel you won’t be disappointed. If you love Native American romance or western romance you will love this. Or if you’re simply looking for that romance that will warm those cold winter nights, look no farther than “Promise Canyon”.

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