Monday, December 13, 2010

Review of Marrying Daisy Bellamy by Susan Wiggs

Marrying Daisy Bellamy

Susan Wiggs


432 pages

Publish Date 1-25-2011

Daisy Bellamy has struggled to get where she is today, a coveted photographer, okay it’s a wedding photographer and not the free lance artist she’s dreamed about, but it’s a start. She hasn’t always had an easy life even though her family synonymous with and an icon in Avalon NY. She’s made many mistakes getting to this point and however reckless she and Logan O’Donnell were in the conception of their son they’ve made up for it by being great parents and staying fast friends. Logan wants more but Daisy’s unsure and one of the reasons is sexy Julian Gastineaux, see she’s been in love with Julian since that first summer they met, at Willow Lake, the summer before everything changed, the summer before her wild weekend with Logan and the conception of Charlie. She thought over time that those feelings would diminish but she was wrong because Julian is still the erotic star of her dreams both nighttime and daytime. But Daisy knows or should that dreams don’t necessarily come true and that happiness is what you make of it. Will she and Julian find happiness, will she find it with Logan, will she find it at all. Believe me the journey will be worth it to find out.

In this episode of The Lakeshore Chronicles Susan Wiggs gives us the plot that all military families can relate to and at the same time be appreciated by the general population as well. She explores emotions that are not always pleasant and she makes her characters look at themselves honestly in their mirrors, while she takes her reading audience through the proverbial wringer. She gives us flowing dialogue that we can actually visualize in our minds eye. Her characters are all from her beloved series, some we’ve known from the beginning and some are just making our acquaintances but all are impeccably portrayed and important to this story. Her hero and heroine are the ships that pass in the night and unrequited love kind. The ones that you heart cries for but you’re never sure what peril will befall them next. And yet they are strong minded people who you could easily see as an acquaintance or friend. Her heroine is an outstanding example of female fortitude and moxie mixed with the angst young people feel especially when it comes to the opposite sex. Her romance is heartbreaking, heart wrenching, sad and happy, full of longing and promise. Her love scenes are hot and sensual without being over descriptive or crude.

If this is your first trip to picturesque Avalon NY, you’ve certainly chosen a good time to visit because Ms. Wiggs has outdone herself in this epic love story and I assure you that in the annals of romance this will be at the top of the all time best. If you are a fan and loyal reader of The Lakeshore Chronicles you will be happy to see all your old friends to catch up with as well as the featured story. This novel has every bell and whistle a romance fan could want, but if you want to know who marries Daisy Bellamy, well then you’ll just have to read it for yourself. This would make an excellent stand-a-lone novel, but after you’ve read it I’m sure you’ll want to go back to the beginning and see where it all began and keep on reading until you’re a rabid fan just like the rest of us. When in the far distant future archeologists want to describe the great American Romance, Marrying Daisy Bellamy will be on display. Thank you Susan Wiggs for this first must read of 2011.


  1. OOOHHHH Debbie !!! I can't wait !!!!! I've loved all the other Lakeshore books and have been waiting impatiently for Daisy's book. Susan Wiggs has turned out to be a real favorite of mine - I hope she keeps going. Any hints in the book about whether we will get more in the series?


  2. thanks for commenting Anne, I am sure there will be more, there are too many unfinished stories to tell.

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  4. Great review Susan and well said Debbie H. I can tell you are a true Lakeshore Chronicle fan! Long live Avalon and all the future characters ands books (hopefully) Susan's fan can enjoy. Sonnet so needs a story Susan!


  5. Thanks Chantal, I agree Sonnet needs her story too!

  6. I have faithfully read and thoroughly enjoyed all of the Lakeshore Chronicles. Needless to say I am a Susan Wiggs fan. I've been patiently waiting for this book.

    Betty Sidoli

  7. two words: Julian Gastineaux!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your books:) I have a difficult time finding books that grab my interest, but yours are great! I like the fact that there are no pictures of the people on the cover, so one can use their imagination of what that person looks like from your discription. Thank you

  8. Betty and Colleen, thanks for responding. I have also been waiting for this book and Colleen I think you'll get your Julian fill in this book. It's fabulous