Friday, December 10, 2010

Review of Crave by JR Ward

Crave a Novel of the Fallen Angels

J R Ward

Penguin Group

454 pages

Crave is the second in J R Ward’s new paranormal/fantasy series of Fallen Angels

Jim Heron was once in the special XOPs that his next assignment is trying to escape, trouble is the only way Jim escaped was to die, will his assignment Issac Rothe have to die to escape or will Jim and his fellow fallen angel boys Eddie and Adrian be able to save Issac.

In this episode we have tough guy Issac Rothe, he’s seen enough death and destruction in XOPs and has decided to disappear only to be arrested in an illegal extreme boxing fight. Grier Childe a top Boston lawyer gives her time to do pro-bono work for the city of Boston and who just so happens to be on her docket, that’s right it’s Issac. Grier and Issac have instant attraction vibes and lust at first sight, but they both have to put it on the back burner because they have waaaay more to worry about than keeping their hands off each other, they have to worry about dodging bullets and staying alive.

Ms. Ward is a storyteller extraordinaire and those of you who’ve read her Black Dagger Brotherhood series know that and those of you who haven’t read them must be living under a rock, and this her fallen angels series gives her readers the same hard knocks, bad to the bone, yet good hearted characters you’ve come to expect from her. You’ve’ also come to expect a certain type of take no prisoners, not afraid to cuss dialogue, well you’ll be glad to know that these bad boy fallen angels didn’t give up the f-word when they went to play for the big guy upstairs. Now the plot, well that’s the all time favorite of good vs evil and here our good is of course the three amigos starring Jim, Eddie and Adrian, and the evil is none other that the demon Devina that we met in Ms. Ward’s first fallen angel novel, well she’s back and she’s worse than ever. Now of course there’s a love story because to save the world from evil Jim has to save souls and find these endangered souls their true love. The characters are so over the top you’ll never be afraid they’ll end up your next door neighbor and yet they are so personable that you really wouldn’t mind if they were and Ms. Ward’s vision of angels is really outside the box thinking, who else would picture a whole-body pierced angel who has sexual encounters of the demon kind. Her hero and heroine Issac and Grier are two very capable people who really need their HEA, trouble is they may have to be on a slab at the morgue before that’s possible, so be prepared to give your emotions a roller coaster ride for your money. The love scenes are a visceral as the language and the characters, so don’t let any YA read it, this is strictly adult fiction.

If you need that extra JR Ward in between the BDB novels look no farther, but be forewarned that pretty soon you’ll be looking for that extra JR Ward in between her Fallen Angels series. This is knock-em, sock-em, action packed paranormal to the tenth power. Don’t miss out, get this must read.

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