Monday, December 27, 2010

Review of Ride the Fire by Jo Davis

Ride the Fire the Firefighters of Station Five series

Jo Davis

Penguin Group

310 pages

Ride the Fire is the 5th in the Firefighters of Station Five series

Captain Sean Tanner has been fighting more demons than fires in the last two years since he watched his family die in a fiery accident, unfortunately the demons are winning. The only thing keeping him sane is his job and his family of firefighters of station five and one in particular who’s keeping him up at night for more reasons than he’d like to admit. Eve Marshall has been in love with Sean since before the accident that took his family, she didn’t know what to do with those feelings then and she sure doesn’t know what to do with them now. But someone sinister is out there harassing Sean and threatening to undo all the steps he’s taken to reclaim his life and Eve will do anything to help keep him on the right path even at the cost of a broken heart. But there’s more at steak than broken hearts, will Sean and Eve have what it takes to “Ride the Fire”.

Jo Davis has created a series of larger than life men and women who risk their lives everyday on and off the job. She’s done it with dialogue that presents the reader with vivid imagery as she takes us through the rough and ready lives of these characters. She does it with characters that are extraordinarily ordinary and over the top when it comes to sexuality and sensuality. Her hero and heroine for this novel are both firefighters have known each other for years and have held a candle for each other, so she brings familiarity into the romance which creates and at the same time solves many problems. Eve and Sean are both extremely in need of their Happy Ever After, they just need to stay alive to accomplish it. Her love scenes are as hot as any fire and as dangerous as any backdraft and at the same time as endearing as any romance you’ve ever read.

If you haven’t made a visit to the crew at station five, don’t worry you’ll get enough background information to have this novel stand on it’s own, but I would recommend reading the entire series in order because there’s a lot of history that you’ll miss if you don’t. If you like romance on the sizzle burner, you’ve come to the right read because this one will blow your socks off.


  1. Hi Debbie - You know how much I love the Station Five guys, but I think this is the best book yet!! We've been watching Eve and Sean for the past four books and it's always great to see everything come out well in the end. Hope you had a great holiday (your photos on FB were great). Enjoy your vacation & Happy New Year to you and yours...


  2. I totally agree with you Anne, it makes such a difference when you've gotten to know the couple through all the books.
    Happy New Year to you too!!!

  3. I think I'm going to have to check out this book. I have a writing buddy who just finished writing a romantic suspense with a firefighter as the main character. I got to read it as she wrote it, and it's awesome.

  4. Hi Mary, well if you like it hot, you will love this series.
    How fun is that to be part of the process of a friend's writing from the get go.
    Thanks for visiting.