Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Review of The Reversal by Michael Connelly

The Reversal

Michael Connelly

Little Brown and Company

389 pages

Reversal is the fourth novel where Harry and Mickey share starring roles.

Only in LA would a defense attorney ever become a prosecutor and only in the movies. Right? Wrong. Mickey Haller defender of the underdog, seeker of truth and always up for a raspberry to the DA’s office has just switched sides. A 24 year old case has just been overturned because of new DNA evidence and guess what, it doesn’t belong to the guy they sent away, the only problem is they’re all sure of his guilt so Mickey needs his A Team to help him out, that would be ex-Maggie McFierce for second chair and half brother and star of his own Harry Bosch as prime investigator. Well buckle up because this is going to be one wild ride.

Mr. Connelly never ceases to amaze me when he comes up with these story lines, okay you could easily read if from the front pages of the LA Times but he brings it to life in a multi-dimensional way, through all the senses. He will enlist all your emotions as you get through this novel where he’ll have you laughing one minute and biting your nails the next, you’ll be scared to death one second and in the next breath you’ll be wiping tears from your eyes. He achieves this through his characters and in this tale you’ve got three stars in Mickey, Harry and Maggie and they each play their part to perfection as they gradually drain all sensation from the limbs of the readers. And as a rare treat we also get to keep up with the daughters of these half-brothers who will meet for the first time.

So put on your helmet and safety glasses and prepare yourself for a non-stop, adrenalin rush. If you like that in your fiction, climb aboard and you’ll get more than you bargained for. Or maybe like me you’ve just come to really appreciate the superb performances by this amazing author who has two of the coolest protagonists on the planet.

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