Monday, April 18, 2011

Review of Iron House by John Hart

Iron House

John Hart

St. Martin’s Press – Publish date 7-11-2011

352 pages ISBN 13- 9780312380342

After suffering all manner of indignities as orphans Michael and his younger brother Julian must now suffer the loss of each other when a murder is committed and a culprit must be spared. Now more than twenty years have passed and Michael once again finds it necessary to shield Julian only this time the stakes are much higher for both brothers and as time progresses and the body count is mounting, damning secrets are revealed, secrets that go back to the beginning, back to “Iron House”.

This very well written thriller will leave a definite taste of noir on your tongue as our author gives us his main protagonist who’s just as much if not more villain than hero. His plot could be straight out any mob tale du jour complete with no necked body guards and no nonsense killers and beside one small plot dot that didn’t fit for me the story line was flawless. He uses a full range of dialogue that matches his mix of characters, from street thugs of New York to the indigent hill people of North Carolina to the rolling estate of a politician and his wife. Each of Mr. Hart’s characters is imperative to the story, and each play their part so well that his readers will feel the torture of Elena, the grief of Michael and the tenuous line on sanity of Julian and Abigail. This is a love story, a tragedy, a drama and a thriller all wrapped up in one and each of these themes are performed to perfection. There are scenes that are disturbing as this is not a read for the feint of heart, but they’re masked well enough to not put off any but the most squeamish of readers.

Be prepared for an adventure, an edge of your seat, nail biting, breath stealing roller coaster ride that will leave you winded to say the least, but glad you read it non the less.
If you haven’t read John Hart start now, if you have you’ll continue to rave as Iron House will be your next Must Read.
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  1. AAHH Debbie - My wallet and mt TBR pile are REALLY groaning!!! This looks great! I need to be stuck on a deserted island for at least a month to read all the books that I have yet to read!! Want to run away with me?


  2. Anne, Hi thanks for commenting. Well at least this one isn't released until July so you have some time to save up.


  3. Hey Deb. John Hart here. Thanks for the warm and thoughtful review. I am so glad you enjoyed the book! Best wishes, John

  4. John, It was my pleasure the book was wonderful and I look forward to reading your other works now.


  5. Iron House touched me like no book has in a long while. It has probably been 6 or 8 months since I've read it and it took me quite some time to stop thinking about the characters and events of the book. John Hart is my new favorite author. The way that the plot and his characters are layered stay with one for some time after completing the final page. I look forward to Mr. Hart's next book with avid anticipation.


  6. Thanks for the post Pamela, John Hart is indeed a great writer, with his very intense tales he's a force.