Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Revie of If He's Wild

If He’s Wild
Hannah Howell
345 pages
Alethea Vaughn has seen his face since she was a small girl, but now he’s in trouble and she’s bound to help save him. Lord Hartley Greville top rake of the Ton and top government agent seems to attract trouble at every turn, and if he doesn’t heed Alethea’s warning it may just kill him. Headed for calamity and headed for passion that’s what these two can look forward to.
Hannah Howell is one of the best historical romance authors there are contemporarily and she will not disappoint her readers with this novel. It’s a story well told with descriptive dialogue and vivid imagery. Filled with colorful characters right out of Dickens or Austin, but also personable and seemingly real. Her hero Hartley and heroine Alethea are very much not your typical aristocratic English lord and lady, for one Alethea boasts of supernatural powers along with most of her eclectic and eccentric relatives. But entertained is how they will keep you as they jet set around the ballrooms and soirees of London trying to find proof to put some pretty vicious criminals behind bars. The supporting characters are equally interesting and we get to catch up on the Vaughns and Wherelocks from previous novels. The romance is sensual but sweet, while the love scenes are visceral yet tender.
So come reconnect with some of the wildest, most unusual yet personable characters you’ll ever meet in Hannah Howell’s series starring the Vaughn and Wherelock family that are always up to their eyeballs is trouble and romance.

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