Monday, June 21, 2010

Review of Reckless

Andrew Gross
William Morrow
404 pages
Ty Hauck is back to take on terrorist of the financial persuasion.
A murder in a quiet neighborhood in Greenwich gives ex-Greenwich cop Ty Hauck pause when he discovers that one of the victims was an old friend. Now he’s up against some pretty heavy hitters as the plot thickens. He teams up with desk jockey Dept. of Treasury Fed Naomi Blum who discovers a plot that threatens to destroy the US economy and as they travel farther out of their comfort zone and across the globe the threat escalates and pretty soon they find themselves in the crosshairs.
Andrew Gross is no stranger to hard hitting crime thrillers as he shows in his first two explosive novels staring Ty Hauck, his plots always amaze me how he takes something contemporary and spins it to use in a crime spree. His dialogue is to the point and direct without being blunt, it’s descriptive without being overly wordy and yet it’s effect on readers is visually stimulating. His characters are fresh and alive well developed and three dimensional this is never more apparent than in his protagonist Ty Hauck who’s life we learn a little more about with each episode and we unwrap his many layers. His supporting characters are equally entertaining and use their time well to add to the story. The villains are truly the worst sort that humanity has to offer, and as their crimes become apparent you wish the worst on them with every page you turn.
Get ready for the biggest, meanest, highest roller coaster ride of this summer, get ready for action, adventure, suspense and just a touch of romance. Get ready for a nail biting, stomach churning, edge of your seat page turner. Get ready for your next MUST READ – RECKLESS!


  1. Deb, I just started this one, and I must say I was hooked from page one. Andrew Gross is a 'new to me author' but I must say I found myself looking up his previous books to put on my TBR pile. You're so right - his prose is very visually stimulating, and his characters have come alive for me. I'm excited to read more by this author.

  2. Hi Marisa, yes he is a wonderful author and a stimulating storyteller. I first found him as part of Harper Collins now defunct program First Look where they chose readers to read and review pre-pubed novels. I've been hooked ever since.