Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Review of The Keys to The Vault

The Keys to The Vault
Jim Colombo
Strategic Books
196 pages
It has espionage, it has intrigue, it has international villains and it has romance, what more could you ask for in this cozy mystery.

Caroline Baker lives a quiet life, she enjoys her seat on the Chicago Board of Trade left to her by her grandfather. She enjoys her family and friends, but one August day when she decides to skip work in lieu of a day of shopping that all ends. It starts with the chance meeting of a mysterious stranger who needs a favor. That meeting will change her life forever, the question is will she survive it.

In his debut as an author Jim Colombo gives us a fast paced read that takes us from the heart of Chicago to the heart of Europe as he wings his readers on an adventure filled journey, unravels his mystery and solves the crimes for his audience. His dialogue is precise, easy to read and descriptively visual, so much so that you can easily view the scenes in your mind, from the streets of Chicago to the breathtaking vistas of England and on. His protagonist Caroline is sweet, a little naïve but with a lot of moxie as she takes the reins as a sort of young Jessica Fletcher. His supporting characters are all well thought out, interesting and crucial to the story from the enigmatic David to the villain of the century. The romance is heartwarming and simplistic as his hero and heroine have enough to battle without angst in their relationship.

You’ll get a lot of satisfaction with this action filled, nail biting, roller coaster ride of a mystery. A real page turner. I see nothing but good things in store for Mr. Colombo in his writing career. A must read for all mystery lovers.


  1. Great review, Deb - I think we need to add Jim's book to our Father's Day recommendations!

  2. I ordered my copy today. Great review, Deb!

  3. Thanks guys. I really enjoyed reading it.

  4. Hi to all,
    And thanks to Deb for the kind words. I really enjoyed writing this story, so I hope that you enjoy reading it.


  5. Hi Jim, It was definitely my pleasure, and thanks for stopping by

  6. Hi Debbie - After all my good intentions, another book to add to my TBR pile!! This one and Hot Southern Nights are now on my list.


  7. Anne, I'm too good a friend to say I'm sorry about adding to your pile, it's all about enlightenment and I couldn't deprive you of that. ;-)

  8. Anne B
    Tbr piles are a wonderful thing. I'm glad and honored that you are adding my book to your pile! Thanks.