Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Review of Running From The Devil

Running From The Devil
Jamie Freveletti
William Morrow
307 pages

Jamie Freveletti is a new voice in a very crowded choir, but listen carefully because she will definitely be heard over the crowd.
Emma Caldridge is on her way to Bogota to right a grievous wrong only to find herself a part of an act of terror. She escapes, but for how long and can she do what she came for and live to tell the tale.
Running From The Devil is a fast paced, heart accelerating, leave you breathless read. It’s story line could be taken off any CNN or major network headline “Terrorists Hijack Plane Full Of Civilians”, but what sets this apart from the headlines is the mystery there, the reason hidden behind the crime and Jamie spins her tale like a pro. Her dialogue is intense, informative and colorful as you visualize the habitat and inhabitants of her tale. Her characters are amazingly imaginative some being exceedingly cruel and evil and others inordinately honest and good and some a little of both. Her protagonist Emma is a well developed and well rounded character who’s welfare we’re constantly hoping changes for the better and yet we fear for the worst. Her supporting characters are a must for the development of the novel and we get to know the major players intimately so we can either hope for them or hate them in equal measure.
If what you want in your read is an action packed, nail biting, edge of your seat roller coaster ride thriller this one’s for you. Be sure to see her Jamie’s newest adventure starring Emma Caldridge Running Dark.

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