Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Review of Hot Southern Nights

No one says Hot and Southern better than Dianne Castell

It always seems the way that the smartest, most honest and nicest girls always falls for the town bad boy. Well that’s exactly what happened to Churchill McKenzie, it started 9 years ago in the backseat of a classic Mustang and she’s never been able to grow out of it or him. Town bad boy and ex-con Cal Davis has been in love with Churchill since they were kids, he knows he’s not good enough for her but that doesn’t stop him from being drawn to her. But there’s more going on than meets the eye and the question is, will love cure them or kill them.

Dianne gives us a new twist to the rebel and the librarian in her latest Low Country romantic suspense novel. Her dialogue is classic southern charm meets Jersey thug and locker room speak mixes with highfalutin society. She wows us with her plot as she solves the crime no one wants solved and delves into secrets best left buried. Her hero Cal and heroine Churchill are very believable three dimensional characters who her readers will cheer on hoping they get that all elusive happily ever after. Her supporting characters are colorful, some more than others, but all equally important to the novel and wouldn’t be complete without them. Her romance is sweet, heady and full of pitfalls and the kind that most appeals to me that of reacquainted or rekindled love. Her love scenes are physical, visceral, hot and spicy.

So honey get down to your nearest local book seller and pick up this here wonderful novel and you will be mighty glad you did. That’s Low Country speak for this is a must read.

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