Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Review of The Search

The Search
Nora Roberts
488 pages
In her latest novel Nora takes us to the Pacific Northwest in an adventure you won’t soon forget.
Fiona Bristow started her dog training academy and canine search and rescue unit as a way to honor and recover from her past, a past that includes grisly details that after seven years she still has nightmares about and the last thing she’s looking for is love with a cantankerous, blunt and handsome wood artist named Simon Doyle. Simon Doyle moved to the picturesque island in Washington State to have peace and quiet after living with the bustle and noise of the big city, what he doesn’t need or want is a dog, unfortunately he’s got one, now he needs to decide how to handle it. That’s where dog trainer extraordinaire Fiona comes in, every one says she’s got magic when it comes to training dogs, but Simon finds that the magic doesn’t’ stop there. The question is does he believe in magic.
This is classic Nora Roberts equal parts adventure, suspense and romance, it’s why she is the Queen of romance and it’s a title that is well earned. She will wow her audience with her story line that’s fresh and exciting. Her dialogue is classic Roberts too, with her no-nonsense narrative and wonderfully visually descriptive scenes. You will live through her eyes the majesty of the San Juan Islands and specifically Orcas Island while she navigates us through the twists and turns of her plot. Her characters are amazing from the stars Simon and Fiona to all the supporting characters that make the whole tale come together to her villain(s) who’s creep factor is up there with the best thriller authors. Her hero and heroine are two totally different characteristics and it’s fun, interesting and heartwarming to see how they fall in love. Her love story is funny and uplifting as we watch these two most unlikely to fall in love characters do just that. Her love scenes are hot, spicy, sexy and very visual and will take you from cold to sizzle in seconds.
So if you’ve never read Nora Roberts, you must live in a cave. If you have read her you won’t be disappointed as this is one of the best novels of hers I’ve read. If you love, romance, suspense and adventure in equal measure than this is for you. It’s a must read this summer.


  1. Hi Deb I'm so glad you liked this one - it's the very next one I'm going to read. I'm up for a romantic suspense and this one sounds just about perfect.

  2. Oh Marisa, I know you'll love this one. It was great. And the characters are really good. It was really fun to watch Simon fall.

  3. Hi Debbie - Is this one out yet? All of this week's reviews look great - I think I'll have to indulge myself. So far, all your recommendations have been right on! Keep up the good work...


  4. No Anne, It's out in early July. And thanks for that.
    Come by and see me at the Fiction Club at B&N where I'll be moderating from now on.
    We're reading Just Breathe in July
    We'd love to have you there