Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Review of A Mother's Touch

A Mother’s Touch
Linda Howard – Sherryl Woods – Emilie Richards
315 pages

A Mother’s Touch is a grouping of three classic romances from three wonderful authors and storytellers.
Long ago at the beginning of careers these three gifted women started by writing classic romance and here in A Mother’s Touch we have a sampling of their early works. As you read these tales you will see why these ladies are best selling authors today as you get just a glimpse of the way it was.
The Way Home – Linda Howard
This is the romance of Saxon and Anna. Saxon, a boss who gives Anna an ultimatum, she can be his secretary or his mistress. Saxon has ghosts he’s outrunning and perhaps with her love Anna can exorcise them, but the cost may be too high, it may cost her heart.
The Paternity Test – Sherryl Woods
Jane Dawson is always the invited guest to baby showers, never the mother to be. Perhaps it’s because her long time love Mike Marshall escaped small town life for the big city and the job of his dreams. But maybe there’s still sparks in the old flame that can be brought to life. We’ll just have to see.
A Stranger’s Son – Emilie Richards
On a fate filled night two lonely people come together, only that encounter produced more than either of them bargained for. Well now fate takes another turn at bringing them together, the only question is can the insecurities of the pasts of Devin and Robin be overcome in time to save what may be the love of their lives.

This amazing anthology will warm the heart of the coldest individual, so just think what it will do for you. Be sure to check out the latest releases of all three of these incredibly talented women.

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