Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Review of The Demon Keepers

Demon Keepers
Jessica Andersoen
The Penguin Group
448 pages
A Short History of The NightKeepers
In the second millennia BC a small rag tag group escapes Egypt and religious persecution, these are the first NightKeepers and they are led by their first leader known as the First Father. When their journey is at last over they find themselves in the lush tropical paradise we know as the Yucatan Peninsula where over the next several thousand years they prosper and grow, that is until the great white god from the West comes and so Cortez all but obliterates the entire culture. But some of the NightKeepers have survived and thrived until the next extermination of 1984 where all but a few of the witikin ( a loyal servant of the NightKeepers) and some infant NightKeepers survived. Today there are less than two dozen NightKeepers left and they’re preparing for the final battle for Earth. With the help of the Gods maybe they can do it, but at every turn they discover yet another enemy. The Mayan calendar abruptly ends on December 21, 2012 predicting the end unless the NighKeepers can find the solution and save the world as we know it.
Jessica has created a new world order with her amazing new series about the NightKeepers. Demon Keepers is the 4th book in the Final Prophecy series.
Lucius just wanted to help, all his life he’s been too scrawny, too clumsy, too something, but since finding out about the NightKeepers he’s tried to make a difference. Well he was possessed by a demon, or maybe it was two and spent the better part of a year in Limbo trying to find his way out, he’s been released by the demon with the help of the prophet prophecy and his innate goodness, and he’s a bigger, better Lucius, but is it enough. Jade has always fought her natural instincts to be rabble-rouser because her winikin always preached duty, decorum and destiny to her. When she finds out some damning realities about her parents she rethinks her attitude, but she can’t help thinking about Lucuis and how he’s changed and if it’s for the better or not. But it’s not only their attraction that they’re fighting, with the final countdown two years away they have their own destinies to discover and whether they find each other or not is written in the prophecy, now they just have to decipher it.
Jessica has given us a uniquely remarkable story line/plot in The Demon Keepers. She spins her tale with edgy slangy dialogue that makes the fantasy more real to her readers and her scenes will pop out of the pages as she describes the places in the novel, but the best thing by far about her NightKeepers novels is how she gives us all a history lesson on the grand scheme, mixes facts and fiction to make it more interesting, what’s better or more exciting and more frightening than the final apocalypse. Her characters are all unforgettable and it’s obvious to her audience that she knows them intimately because of how they all seem to make the story mesh. Her hero Lucius and heroine Jade are an unlikely couple but Jessica makes us see them as one and appreciate how they got there. Her supporting cast of characters are equally memorable from the past and future NightKeeper hero and heroines to the evil doers who are some of the most creepy of villains you’ll ever see. Her love story is full of pit falls and heartbreak, she makes them work hard for that ultimate reward, her love scenes are hot, spicy and take love to the sizzle burner. Yet you see caring and tenderness as well.
If you enjoy romance on the edge, a paranormal beyond compare, a pre-apocalyptic drama with a spirited love story, you’ve come to the right place.
So set your clocks so you don’t miss the final countdown and purchase all the novels of the final prophecy, you will not be sorry you did.

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