Thursday, April 29, 2010

Review of Eight Days to Live

Eight Days to Live
Iris Johansen
408 pages
Iris has another smash hit with her newest paranormal thriller

At the age of seventeen Jane MacGuire started having precognitive dreams, already in art school she paints what she dreams as a release. These dreams have led her once before into troubled waters and she’s having them again. Any artist worth his/her salt should love gallery shows especially when you’re the artist on show, but Jane hates the notoriety and she does it only because her friend and gallery owner insist. What she doesn’t know is that disaster is right around the corner. Seth Caleb has been obsessed with Jane since he helped her and her adoptive parents rid the world of a ruthless serial killer. Now she needs him again, will they find the answers they need in time and what about what they feel for each other, is it a simple case of lust or does it run deeper.
You can never go wrong with an Iris Johansen mystery, and this one is no exception. The main-stream mystery lover will appreciate the attention to detail, the complicated plot and the myriad of wonderful characters both good and evil. The paranormal mystery lover will love the touch of woo woo that Iris includes in this titillating read and I’m not talking mythological or mystical she just dips her toe in the paranormal stream. You will recognize her dialogue if you’re a fan as you re-connect with the characters you’ve come to love and respect. Her characters are very real and almost three dimensional as this wonderful storyteller brings them to life for her audience. Her heroine Jane is a complicated player but Iris portrays her to a tee. Caleb is an enigma and she goes beneath all the layers to find what makes him tick. Together they are a powerful force. There is a romance and you’re present for it’s birth. Her supporting cast of characters including her usual protagonists Eve and Joe are essential to the telling of the story.
If you love a great mystery, look no farther. If you love a little paranormal thrown in, this is your read. If you want it told by a ace storyteller, here she is.


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