Monday, April 19, 2010

Review of Rescuing Olivia

Rescuing Olivia
Julie Compton
Minotaur Books
376 pages

This is the best book I’ve read this year and Julie Compton is a bright new star in the literary world.
Imagine being in an accident and surviving with only scratches and find out that the woman you love is in a coma, her family won’t let you see her and then after several days she suddenly disappears. He soon learns that there are secrets, secrets that lead him on a race against time as he sets his sights on Rescuing Olivia.
Julie is one amazing storyteller, she had my complete and unobstructed interest from the first page and my house and family be damned, well at least until I closed the book. Her story line is imaginative yet utterly believable. She has an incredible way with words as she spins this tale of intrigue and terror. She takes us on an unconceivable trek from the Florida Oceanside to the African Bush county and her dialogue takes us on a journey for all the senses. Her characters are so well developed that they become our immediate intimates as they make us angry and laugh or cry with them. Her principle characters of Anders and Olivia are exceptionally portrayed and our hearts smiles and weeps with them in equal parts. Her supporting characters are an obvious necessity to the novel and as we realize their particular roles we learn to love, hate or fear them. There is definitely a love story here and she brings it to us through the veil of remembering as well as up close and personal and her love scenes are visceral but sweet in their portrayals. For lovers of great literary fiction don’t be put off by the love story, this is not a romance, but the love story is essential.
So get your senses ready for the ride of their lives in this intensely emotional piece of wonderful literary fiction as Julie takes us on a non-stop, nail biting, roller coaster, action filled adventure. An adventure filled with danger and deception but mostly filled with hope as she gives us a compelling look at just what the power of love can do.

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  1. Debbie - this is a new to me author and the book sounds fantastic. Thanks for introducing her to me. I'll be putting this one on my TBB list.