Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Review of Out of Mind

Out of Mind
Stella Cameron
394 pages
Continue the quest of the Millet family to find answers to a curse, to save New Orleans with the second in the Court of Angels trilogy.

Willow Millet has long denied she posses any of the paranormal abilities her family is known for but that is about to come to a halt when those abilities so long held back come rushing forward. Ben Fortune is also a part of a family with strong paranormal qualities and has loved Willow for as long as he can remember. She long ago sent him away, but now he’s back. Can he convince her that he’s what she needs or are they doomed to repeat the same mistake over again.
Stella, a wonderful storyteller gives us a view of New Orleans unlike any other, she does it with flowing dialogue, interesting characters and scenes from our worst nightmares to our brightest wishes. Her scenes are descriptively vivid and some are unbelievable as she spins her tale of the macabre. Her main characters of Willow and Ben are well defined and enigmatic to each other and to her readers. Her supporting characters are also interesting and some are very scary, but they all have their place in the book. Her romance is sweet and powerful, it’s innocent and worldly. Her love scenes are hot, sexy and elemental and they will sizzle on the page.
If you feel a need for the eerie or the weird, for the dreadful and ominous or for the outlandish then Stella’s New Orleans is where you want to be. If you like love on the sizzle burner, you’ve come to the right place and if you want that all inclusive battle between good and evil here you have it.

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