Monday, April 26, 2010

Review of Hero at Large

Hero at Large
Janet Evanovich
288 pages

A classic Evanovich, a must read and an introduction to Bob the dog.
Way back in 1987 Janet published her first novel it was called A Second Chance at love and was written by her alter ego Steffie Hall. Here’s a quote from Janet “ This was the book that changed my life forever and made me a published author. When Hero finally reached the bookstores, I was almost arrested for loitering in Walden’s. I stationed myself in the romance section and wouldn’t leave until I saw someone buy my book. It took three days.” What a rush that must have been for Janet. Well join me now and read this slightly revised version as Hero At Large.
In this light romantic comedy we can see why Janet is now a household name. The humor, romance and just down to earthness about it is classic Evanovich. Her dialogue is funny, witty and fast paced. Her characters, let’s talk a minute about these quite over the top enigmatic players. We have our heroine Chris a divorced single mom skating coach, our hero Ken a supposed out of work carpenter who’s hiding his real identity, Aunt Edna Chris’s medling and quite eccentric Great Aunt, Lucy, Chris’s daughter and an array of supporting characters that make the novel a read to remember. Her love story is definitely Cinderella meets Prince Charming, only Cinderella really wants the Frog instead of the Prince, so now it’s up to the Prince to convince her that he’s her man warts and all, but Chris has known heartbreak and she isn’t sure if she can stand the pain again and now she has more than just her to consider, she has to think of Lucy. Her love scenes are the behind closed door variety and won’t offend any reader.
So take a trip back with us and give into that feel good read. And if you’re a fan of Janet here in the present I’m sure you’ll see a few familiar faces even though the names have changed. First we have Bob the dog, need I say more, then Aunt Edna who could easily be a pre curser to a certain Granny we all know and love. Give into those baser instincts and run don’t walk to your nearest bookseller and check out what started a revolution.

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