Monday, April 5, 2010

Review of Caught

Harlan Coben
Penguin Group
400 pages

Harlan Coben’s Caught is a magnificent thriller with more who-done-it’s than you can shake a stick at.
During an investigation for her expose TV show reporter Wendy Tynes has uncovered yet another child predator. This man Dan Mercer has ties in the local community where three months prior a teenaged girl went missing without a trace. As the hammer begins to fall and justice served things start happening that make her question the case and the perpetrator up to this point. There’s something rotten in New Jersey the roots of which are far and wide, but to get to the truth Wendy must soul search to find the answers, is she willing to get there no matter the cost, especially when the cost is personal.
Harlan Coben is a masterful storyteller as proven by this spine tingling can’t stop page turning thriller. He brings us a tale of a parent’s worst nightmare right from the front pages of newspapers all over the world, and then he ups the ante by taking his readers on a roller coaster adventure ride where the dips and turns are as dangerous as they are entertaining, where he has you constantly wondering “Who-Done-IT”. He uses dialogue that informs us and entrances us, that scares us and gives us hope. His star character Wendy is a complicated and complex woman, one you’ll spend time deciding whether she’s friend or foe, but believe me it’ll be time well spent. His supporting characters, all memorable are so intricately important to the story that you’ll find yourself intimates with each one, some you’ll cheer and some you’ll curse but all you’ll never forget.
Be prepared to be wowed as you get enmeshed in a web that just keeps getting bigger the farther you read, be prepared to be entertained with nail biting tension and edge of your seat excitement, be prepared to be wowed when you reach the pinnacle. But most of all be prepared to spread the word of this must read and Number 1 on the New York Times Best Seller list.
This book will make you think, make you cringe, and make you mad, but above all this book will make you glad you read it.

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