Friday, April 23, 2010

Review of Fairest of Them All

Fairest of Them All
Teresa Medeiros
Random House
400 pages
Welcome to the Middle Ages where the Gavenmore men have been cursed for centuries doomed by loving fair faced women, is it real or imaginary. It will take Austyn of Gavenmore to find the answer and it will take the head strong willful antics of Holly of Tewksbury proclaimed the fairest face in all of England to bring him to that end. But what end will it be, will she fulfill the prophecy of doom and disaster or will love reign over all else.
Teresa Medeiros is an amazing storyteller, from the first page her readers will be enchanted by her plot. They will be compelled to turn page after page to reach the outcome, to have their questions answered and they will be enthralled by her constant flowing dialogue that will take them to the imaginary castle high on a hill where all the secrets reside. Her characters are all unforgettable and memorable and her intimate knowledge of them will be apparent as you read. Her hero and heroine are two of the most likable and equally irritating people you will ever have the pleasure of knowing, but know them you will and by the end you will be rooting for their lives, their love and their future. Her supporting characters are also unforgettable and add depth to the story. Her romance is tragic and heartbreaking and pulls at your heartstrings. Her love scenes are sexy, sensual and sizzle on the page.
This is a historical classic tale of love conquers all and you will not read anything better no matter how hard you look.

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