Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

If you listened to 50 different reports by "experts" on the condition of Mother Earth you'd likely get 30 different answers, list 35 different sources and only lead to your being more confused then when you first tuned in.
Like many of you I'm a realist with idealist tendencies. I like to see the best in people and things and I have hope for a better future. I want our children to know what a Tiger, a Polar Bear or a Tree Frog is without having to view them either stuffed or in pictures. I want our grandchildren to be able to breathe without the use of masks, to be able to procreate without the fear of birth defects and to be able to glow in the unobstructed sunlight.
So I say, no matter what the experts say let's all help. If each of us turn off lights as we exit a room, if we use less disposable items, if we use reusable bags when we shop. There is no such thing as "there's nothing I can do", we all have a responsibility to make sure that the future generations are here to enjoy not only what we can, but more than we can. We all have the responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint. If all of us did just one thing on the list life as we know it would not end it would improve.
So after you read this turn off your computer until you need it next and turn out the light when you leave the room go outside and plant something that gives off oxygen and give the Earth more time.

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