Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Review of The Killing Edge

The Killing Edge
Heather Graham
379 pages
Heather Graham’s the Killing Edge is a gritty, edgy thriller of a romantic suspense.
10 years ago in the Miami area Chloe Marin was one of four who survived the bloodbath that became known as “The Teen Massacre”. Chloe now a psychologist is working part-time as a swimsuit model when a young model goes missing, she thinks maybe the girl just ran off until she starts seeing her ghost. The girl’s parents and friends are sure it’s foul play. In steps expatriate from England and PI in the States with demons of his own, Luke Cane is working undercover as a swim wear designer to find out what happened to the girl. But strange things are happening and Chloe and Luke are faced with the possibility that what happened all those years ago hasn’t truly been resolved and have a lot to do with what’s happening now. They must learn to trust each other, but can they trust the attraction that’s too all consuming between them and can they overcome the ghosts of their pasts to find a future.
Heather wows us with her story line/plot that’s just believable enough to have her readers wondering about the validity of the paranormal aspect of the tale. Her dialogue is a mix of urban chic with a liberal dose of cop speak and a dollop of evil doer babbling, but enough of everything so that your attention is raptly kept. Her hero Luke and heroine Chloe are equally troubled souls and intimately enough known by our author that we readers can identify, empathize and sympathize with them. Heather’s supporting cast of characters is a motley crew of models, religious fanatics, concerned parents, friends and loved ones and the story benefits from every one. Plus you’ll get a reunion with the Harrison Agency members from her other works of paranormal fiction. Her romance is an integral part of her story and readers will see it blossom and bloom before their eyes. They will experience the joys and pitfalls of our hero and heroine. The love scenes are hot and spicy and while not leaving much to the imagination she makes them tender and sweet.
Do you like a healthy dose of terror in your romantic suspense, great characters wonderful scenery and dastardly villains. If so this is your next must read.

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